• Nobody wants to die.

    Yes, I would become immortal if it were possible, because nobody wants to die. If I were immortal, I would be able to take all kinds of risks. I would be able to jump off of buildings, or eat unhealthy and just live forever. It would be life without any negative consequences.

  • Very Difficult Decision

    I believe the decision to become immortal would actually be a difficult one. Many people believe in an after life and think of this life as inferior. If your immortal in this life, then this is it, you'll never make it to heaven or whatever else one would find in the beyond. I think I would like to choose this life because life is more interesting with problems.

  • People should not be immortal.

    First, it will never be possible in real life to become immortal. Although people might be able to extend their lives, there will be a time when the universe and everything in it is destroyed. Furthermore, life is only precious because it is short. If we were immortal, life would have no meaning.

  • People are meant to live a vertsin time

    I would hate to be immortal. I suppose you would be hapoy for a while but you would see your family and friends die, or everyone you've ever cared for. And then you'd be miserable and lonely and you most likely would wish you were dead. It would be horrible.

  • Mortality is important

    Being immortal would be fun to me but not realistic. I am a strong Christian believer and have a strong faith in moving on and the after life of what heaven brings. So immortality would mean living on this planet and dealing with everyday uncertainty forever which would eventually get tired for anyone.

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