Would you become vegan if you learned about how animals are abused?

Asked by: savvga13
  • Life is life...And abuse of life is depravity. Not vegan but an ethical eater.

    I am not vegan but do live consciously and avoid any wanton creation of pain and torture. Just because an animal cannot defend itself, does not mean you have the right to torture it.

    Arguments stating it is okay to kill an animal can just as easily be converted to becoming okay to kill another human life - with a justification to back that argument.
    Animals being incapable of thought or feeling is a human perspective.
    What happens after you kill and eat another human -for what ever reason (hunger does crazy things I am told to people) but .. How would you feel when that has passed and you have chomped down the nails and hair of a person ? Now consider this - you are hungry and the only food available is your neighbor, so you walk over, trap him in a cage, tie him up as tight as you can, beat him to shut him up, then set his feet on fire, so he gets a nice flavor, then slowly slit his throat, let him gag in his blood and then eat him bit by bit.....
    There is no food. It is survival of the fittest. And you are stronger than your neighbor...You have to survive - and appease your taste buds. What can be wrong about that?

    If you must eat at least eat right. Ensure you do not put the remains of tortured pain in your body. You are what you are... Because of it is a reflection of your self.

  • No, because to bloody hell with animals.

    They're loud, they're smelly and they're stupid. And delicious, don't forget delicious. Don't get the impression that I abuse animals, I'm not COMPLETELY psychotic. But I don't see anything wrong with eating a burger. It's delicious, it's filling, so stop acting like I'm the f***ing anti-christ for doing it. And maybe you stupid tree huggers should stop and think "Maybe I'm being a little too irrational about this, maybe it's the circle of life and I should get my head out of my arse.". Maybe by chance, you are one of those loonies who can stand the smell of cows***, if so maybe getting your head out of your arse isn't enough, you need mental help.

  • I would feel guilty, horribly guilty.

    However, I admit that I am a proud omnivore who needs meat at least twice a week and loves meat. I am a meat and potatoes guy, and I'm also a hypocrite because I cannot see animals being killed. I lament over their deaths, but I enjoy meat as much as the average person. Like many others, as long as I don't see it, I can eat it, BUT, if I did see an animal being abused and dying a horrid death, I would feel sick and would refuse to eat their meat.

    For an example,

  • Would you become a carnivore if you saw someone punching a tomato?

    Animals are incapable of sentient thought, and therefore are suitable for any form of treatment, so long as the quality of the produce is not affected. Only creatures possessing adequate minds to the standards set by neighboring species have a right to object abuse from a source that has achieved said state.

  • Grow your own.

    Eating animal products is part of the cycle of life. I agree that we as consumers turn a blind eye to the treatment of animals in order to eat a better steak. However, there is nothing wrong with hunting down an elk to feed my family and I. Hunting is a spiritual thing and every person should have to do it at least once. With that being said, it is our moral ethical duty to treat animals as humanely as possible.

  • I probably wouldn't

    I hunt sometimes, so I already know how deer die, and I still eat them. It doesn't bother me. Slaughter houses bother me, though. I've seen videos on how they kill and butcher cows, and it's horrific. It doesn't stop me from eating dead cow, though. I do have serious issues with eating veal, though, because of how calves are treated. I probably wouldn't eat veal. Eating fish doesn't bother me either.

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Quan says2013-06-12T14:40:42.887
I will savour every bite to ensure the animal did not die in vain.