Would you boycott a business if they expressed a political stance that you disagreed with?

  • Depends on the stance

    If a business came out and said they hated all gays and people of color. I wouldn't go back.

    Went to a lovely steak place last week while on a business trip to northern Louisiana, where I help coordinate partnerships with businesses in my region.

    The owner of the steak place came out to meet with some of my local associates. He then proceeded to caution me not to go to New Orleans on my trip, because the French Quarter had gotten "so dark", and yes, he meant black.

    He then continued to say "at least half of the folks were Democrat", meaning black.

    He used these code words, but everyone at the table knew what he was saying.

    I will never eat at that overpriced $hithole again.

  • Most likely, if important

    As a person of string liberal political convictions, I believe in a person's right to free speech as well as free choice. If a business announced a particular political belief that I felt strongly about, I feel that yes the business does have the right to express its beliefs, but I also have the right to choose to boycott the business, and tell others about it in hopes that they would as well.

  • I absolutely would:

    Why would I buy something if a company was against who I am, or what I am, what I stand for? The political stance of various companies has and should have effected the way I deal with them as there is no sympathy for bigotry and as corporations are now people I think I'll hold all "people" accountable for what they say, do, and openly declare as their thoughts on any given matter.

  • I'm not sure how to answer

    It would have to be a very serious political stance that was actively affecting a lot of people in a bad way. But the whole partisan wars are a never ending unwinnable war and I dnt see the point in boycotting over stupid crap and opinions. By all means everyone has a right to boycott whoever they want. But I myself wouldn't do it unless it was serious

  • Depending on how strong my belief for it is

    If a store opposed same-sex marriage then I would not shop there ever and I would support others to do the same and condemn that store. Just as I would not a shop or work at a store making sexist, homophobic, or racist comments. I will not eat at places like Chick-Fil-A and I encourage all my friends and family workers to do the same.

  • Everyone is entitled to have an opinion.

    If I am going somewhere for a food item or a service, I honestly don't care what the CEO of that company's political stance is. Everyone is allowed to have an opinion, even if it disagrees with mine. As long as they aren't doing anything illegal, I don't see a problem with buying a sandwich or whatever from them.

  • That's like not liking music/movies because the artist/actor has some weird belief system

    Essentially, I'm not shopping for their belief systems, I'm shopping for a product or service.

    My participation doesn't endorse anything, it doesn't weaken or strengthen anything politically, but boycotting especially if publicized can very often create counter or pro movements for that group, which is to be expected if you politicize anything.

    So if anything the act just dirties up more aspects of life with pointless expressions of politics for the sake of politicizing of itself.

  • No, I Would Not Boycott a Business Based on Politics.

    In our country of consumerism and corporate greed, it is next to impossible to shop at 100% of businesses that you agree with 100% of their politics. Most corporations have many layers of politics and policies. How could an individual shopper agree with all of them? A boycott is not going to make a lasting impression on a company, unless perhaps, it is a small business and it is a very large boycott.

  • We can't let special interest groups's actions affect our choices.

    In the case of Mozilla and Brendan Eich, I believe that special interest groups had a big part to play in his resignation. What this means is that we can't let special interest groups's agendas affect where we choose to spend our money. I agree with others; separate business for politics. Having a different view doesn't alter my choice if the business is the most economical option. We have to be practical here.

  • Seperate Business from Opinion.

    Saving money is a must. I could care less if a person's political stance differs than mine. If the person is offering a great bargain/deal, then I will go there. However, the only exception to my general code is if the person is donating his or her efforts to actively pursue his or her political stance. If I knew that I was indirectly funding a political view that opposed my view, then I would definitely avoid at all costs doing business with a person who has a different view than me.

  • Politics and Business should be kept separate.

    Just like church and state, business and politics should be kept apart. If I needed a business service or product, their political stance, except in an extreme case should not play into my decision. We all shop at stores owned by minorities, Indians, etc it is all in the same pool.

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Craighawley215 says2014-08-11T18:30:33.087
Are you asking about a business stance, or a business owner's personal stance that is mistaken as a business stance?
The_Immortal_Emris says2014-08-11T20:05:40.700
Either. I don't support bigots.