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  • Would get old within a Month

    People should invest more into their PCs. Many peps just buy a cheap crab and expect it to work like an iPhone that they payed 700$ for. If you want something that is not a pain to work with and if you want to have a fluid experience you should rather invest 1000$ once instead of 200 every year.

  • no, i would not buy this from Walmart

    No, I can't say that I would buy a $99 PC from Wal-Mart. There is sadly probably a reason why it is $99 and I personally would rather go with a more expernsive better quality computer. I would only ever get the $99 one for a back up because I couldn't expect it to last that long at that price.

  • No, $99 is far too cheap for a PC

    There is absolutely no way a $99 PC is at all capable of handling modern Internet browsing, games, or even simple word processing. A $99 PC would be so slow and have such small storage space that it would even be unsuitable for a 10 year old child to do homework on.

  • A PC should be an investment

    I would be hesitant to buy a PC from Walmart for $99 because the price suggests it would have to be used or refurbished; and even so, probably not the best quality. I believe a PC should be a good, long term investment that will work for years to come, so I would expect to pay more than $99 for it.

  • No, I would not

    I use my pc for work, so I need something that works really well. I don't think that a $99 PC would be able to keep up with my constant internet usage. If it DID, I would TOTALLY buy it though. That would be nice if it was a decent computer.

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