• Only if I can afford it.

    It would be awesome and smart to wear solar jacket in the artic and antarctic where it gets fatally freezing, even in Alaska and Tibet. I would never be happier for owning one if I lived in Alaska. I actually want to live in Alaska because I hate the California heat. I live where it rarely snows on winter, in fact, it snowed once while I lived there but it melted once it hit the ground.

  • solar powered jacket

    Yes I definitely would want to buy a solar powered jacket. I do not know exactly what it can do or how much it costs but if it is like what is sounds then it would be a product that I would be interested in purchasing. Solar powered products are innovative.

  • Yes, I would buy this jacket.

    Yes, I would buy a solar powered jacket. That would make me so happy I fully believe in living in the way we used to live a long time ago and I wish that everything was solar powered thats how it should be if the world wasn't just so money hungry.

  • No, I would not buy a solar powered jacket.

    No, I would not purchase a solar-powered jacket. If I really needed to warm myself up, I would just wear two jackets. I feel that a solar-powered jacket is a bit of a luxury that I don't need personally. I can see where it's application would be useful in some colder parts of the world, but no where I am going will I need that much warmth.

  • I would not buy a solar-powered jacket.

    While I am not ideologically opposed to solar-power and other green technologies, I do not think that we will solve our growing energy crisis with anything on the scale of jackets. What America needs to turn away from its dependence on fossil fuels is a much larger scale of renewable technology adoption. Large solar plants and wind farms are needed, not solar-powered jackets.

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