Would you buy animal feed online for the same price as in the shop and have it delivered to your house at no extra cost?

Asked by: 12T
  • If it was the same price yes

    Why would i waste the price on fuel? What an idea😊 i would much rather buy food online a day in advance than have to go down to the shops to buy it. I would also buy it in bulk so i didnt have to go down to shops as often

    Posted by: 12T
  • It may have ants.

    When you see a box of dog food in the store and it has ants on it or it looks dirty or even if it has been opened, i WOULD NOT BUY IT. But you have no idea online. Also, who doesn't have 5 minutes at night or during the day to drive to the nearest PetSmart or CVS or anything like that??

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