Would you buy Call of Duty Advanced Warfare?

Asked by: sonic91a
  • It's not a bad game, as everyone says it is

    I know all they did was add jet packs, and lazers, and not to mention it's very repetitive. But that doesn't mean it's totally bad. The game modes great, and it's very addicting. Even though the fan base is full of idiots, and disrespectful kids. I find them sort of funny.

  • Yes i will

    I just played it on my friend's PS4. Thought the ending is really stupid and funny (you called that a Boss? A Boss shouldn't die that easily!!!), it is still a good game to me.
    But I still think the Modern Warfare is the best series after all.
    Besides, Makarov is more appealing, because he is a really badass

  • I want this game so bad!

    A lot can be said about Advanced Warfare and what it has achieved. The graphical step up is incredible from Ghosts (which tbh was a flop of a game) and there are tons of new game-play dynamics that give the game a twist from past COD games. The exosuit (although people claim it's a copy of other brands) makes the game-play a lot more enjoyable and removes the sniping monopolization.

  • I would probably buy it.

    The game looks like next-gen, new gameplay features and everything. I bet several thousands will buy it right now. I don't really care about Campaign, Multiplayer is the main thing about Call of Duty, of course, it's pretty much why people buy it. So, I guess I should get once I get the cash.

  • Just Another COD Game.

    Played one COD game? Congratualtions! You've played them all! Every COD Game is the same. They Never change the mechanics because they know that if they market the game like crazy and not change anything from the last game it will become a system seller. If you want to buy a game save your money for a game that dosent have yearly pointless cashins... Oh i can already see the fanboys raging at me...

  • Not enough substance

    There isn't enough that is new in COD:AW for me to buy it. All it really ends up being is a soulless cash in on Titanfall's (undeserved) success. It really seems like it is just a Titanfall without the titans, and that is not acceptable when developing a "Triple A" title.

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