• Lady Antebellum's Bed Bath and Beyond Line

    I will absolutely be checking out Lady Antebellum's bed bath and beyond line. She is such a classy lady, I have no doubt that her line with totally rock. I am totally redecorating and in need of inspiration so this is where I will be starting from. Lady A totally rocks.

  • Yes, I would buy from Lady Antebellum's new Bed Bath and Beyond line.

    Not only is Lady Antebellum a great band, they seem like genuinely good people. It's kind of odd to have a home collection at a Bed Bath and Beyond, but it will be interesting to see what designs they come up with. Everything the band has done musically has been a success, so why shouldn't their home collection do well?

  • No. I would not buy Lady Antebellum's new line

    I would not buy Lady Antebellum's new line from Bed Bath and Beyond because they are country musicians. What do they know about designing things for Bed Bath and Beyond. I would much rather buy a line from Martha Stewart as she knows what she's talking about when it comes to things for the home.

  • No, because I don't like Lady Antbellum or Bed Bath and Beyond.

    Personally, I would not because I'm not a fan of their music, at all. I also do not ever shop at Bed Bath and Beyond because I don't believe in paying outrages prices for inferior quality products. Even if I were a Lady Antebellum fan, I would not shop at Bed Bath and Beyond just for their products.

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