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  • I was invited to and said NO WAY.

    Sorry...Nope and I don't like the idea of a screen being right there on people's faces over priced or not people have become too reliant and addicted to phones, tablets and what not, if it is just there on their heads boy what trouble we will have! Lol no thanks

  • No it is very overpriced.

    In my opinion Google Glass is extremely expensive and the technology still has a lot of kinks to get worked out. There are many privacy concerns that I have about Google Glass that have yet to be addressed, not to mention the possibility of an increase in car accidents if people use them while driving.

  • No, it isn't worth that amount.

    Everything in technology has been getting less and less expensive. If I want Google Glass, I will wait a couple of years and I am sure that it will cost much, much less than that amount. No piece of technology is worth that much money so I would not buy it now.

  • It is a great piece of tech, yet not required at the moment.

    The Google Glass features so many things that are not needed, and are not lacked by modern technology. For the price, it is a waste of money to only improve your lifestyle in such a small way, and would only be worth it for those who need all the features, such as businesses.

  • No, I'm not interested

    No, I wouldn't buy Google Glass for $1500. Not only is the price too high, I'm not sure I'd want Google Glass at all. People are too fixated on their smartphones, tablets, etc. as it is. A wearable connection to the Internet that's always literally in your face doesn't seem very desirable to me.

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