• Totally worth it!

    Yes! You should it is so awesome! I have one. It isn't that expensive if you can find a good deal on it. So it depends for some people I guess. But it is very helpful. Very fast, Siri, light weighted. Plus, pretty colors! The iPhone 5c is so worth it's money!

  • Too expensive for the product

    It has so many less features than the iPhone 5s, not to mention it is a lot less durable (in a drop test on YouTube, the video showed that the 5c got destroyed from a waist-level drop, and the 5s was almost untouched from a 10ft drop). It's only $100 less than the 5s. In my opinion, it should be less expensive, since you're compromising on so many features.

  • No, I would not buy the iPhone 5c.

    I would not by the phone because I am happy with my iPhone 4S. I have not seen anything in the new phone that excites me enough to purchase it. Secondly, I do not like the size of the iPhone 5C. It is a little to large for my liking.

  • No, the iPhone 5C does not interest me.

    With the technology currently available, I believe there are other phones available that are much better than the iPhone 5C. With brand name being the important justification for purchasing a product, there are more options available that may work better for someone. The one major reason an iPhone 5C would be an option to buy is the price point.

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