• Think of it as an investment.

    I was never a Mac guy. I had gotten so used to Microsoft and Windows products, that I always purchased a PC or Windows laptop. However, the battery life on these computers was pretty low. I'd get a year of consistent battery life, and two years of portability. But after two years, I'd have to either buy a new battery or new computer. So while I may have been saving a few hundred dollars on the initial purchase, I would end up spending more in the end. For this simple fact, I would buy the new MacBook Pro, because the it will last longer than probably any other laptop on the market.

  • No, I like a PC.

    I sometimes use my son's MacBook and it works very well and he says it never needs fixing. But I am older and have used a PC for my work and correspondence for over a decade. I am reluctant to let go of what I know in order to transfer to a new system. And I do not have a smart phone so there is no big reason to spend more and have to learn more.

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Quan says2013-12-20T21:02:27.770
Probably not. Too expensive and I'd end up installing Windows on it anyway.