• Yes yes yes

    I would buy them this so that all their friends could come over and their friends would get jealous and then they would tell their parents that we have a solid gold slide and then they would want to come and look at it and I then they would think Im a boss *ss /3itch... And then

  • Yes. If I could afford it.

    And then I would have them sit on the couch and watch me melt it. Then I would form it into the shape of a small bed, and put a mattress on it. This way, every time my child went to sleep, they'd feel rich. And then when they grew up, I'd melt it again and pay for their college or whatever they wanted to do instead.

  • Hell no okay

    Kids are spoil okay. If you do that, you will make your kids spoil and that is not good. Even if it cost so many k's. Do not do this to your kid. A $12,500 can vanish, and if it does I will not buy another one. Kids are spoil.

  • I won't spoil my child

    Going down a slide is one of the joys of childhood. Any sloping surface would do. A sheet of waxed paper made the experience even more enjoyable, and polished the slide at the same time. But a gold leaf slide? No. Any smooth slide that is well built is sufficient for my child. The point of a slide is to enjoy it. Gold leaf does not add anything to that experience. If I need to show off to other parents then I have a problem.

  • Why does a child need an item that is worth $24,000?

    Why does a child need a $24,000 slide? That is unreal, and not needed in any way. I believe in teaching children the value of a dollar. What good is it doing the child to have that? It is teaching them that there is no value to a dollar and that money is there to be spent for no reason!

  • No I would not purchase a $12,500 gold slide for child or grandchild.

    I would not purchase a $12,500 gold leaf slide for child or grandchild. There is not possible with that nay person, no matter how much money they have, can justify spending that much money on a child's play toy. It doesn't add any value to the playground it's attached to. Since it's 24-karat it'll be too soft to stand much wear.

  • um, absolutely NOT

    Why the heck do they need a slide like that? Kids destroy things all the time, it would be insane to buy something so expensive for them to slide down. It's playground equipment made for tearing up and having fun on. I wouldn't let my kids even touch something that expensive

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abyteofbrain says2014-10-07T19:11:53.853
If it's gold leaf, then why the heck is it 24000?