• Band is better than orchestra.

    Band is much better than orchestra. In my middle school my band is much better than orchestra. Orchestra squeaks way too much and sounds terrible. Band also has percussion so its therefore better. Percussion makes bands better because it amazes people. Just don't tell my girlfriend I said this please.

  • Because it is a really good extra curriculer activity and travel and meet new people

    Once you get to high school people mostly start relying on extra curriculer activity’s i do band and play the saxophone i go to jazz and travel band that means in jazz you play jazz music and in travel you travel and play to other people there are many other types of bands like pep band where you play in sports and other places that are like football games:)

  • Band For the Win!

    I think band because, for one, I am in band, and also, to me, the music is better! I am afraid that I am slightly biased because I play in band but band is better for pep assemblies, marching bands, and competitions. Though, I must say, this is mostly just an opinion.

  • Band isn't just music, it's a community

    As someone who has been in 4 extracurricular band groups as a freshman, I may be a bit biased. I love being able to show my true self around others as crazy as I am. Don't get me wrong, I also love the different genres band can bring as well. I just like having communities that connect in and out of school that understand YOU as a person.

  • Have any of you ever tried Orchestra? Because it's amazing!

    I understand that in a lot of schools the orchestra isn't well funded and not very good, But if you are at a school with a good orchestra I urge you to try it! Orchestra may be a lot smaller than band, But it's a lot closer as well. Orchestra is a family, And you will grow close to every single member of it at your time there. Plus there is the benefit of cheaper instruments and cooler (as in temperature) uniforms. You won't have to march around in the sun in orchestra!

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