Would you choose to read the book instead of watching the movie version when it comes out?

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  • Books are better.

    I have yet to find a movie which was better than or even as good as the book on which it was based. Although I do continue trying. I have found if I am going to both watch a movie and read the book, I need to watch the movie first. Reading the book first makes the movie rather anti climactic.

  • My favorite thing to do is to read

    I Love reading because you don't have to be limited by what the movie tells you someone or something looks like. And in a book you can hear what people are thinking and it takes longer to read a book than it is to watch a movie so you can enjoy it for longer and it doesn't rack up your electrical bill when you read. Also reading has been proven to make you smarter. That's why I know books are better than movies.

  • I love to read.

    I really do not like it when people are like, "I did not read the book but I saw the movie. It's the same thing right?". No it is not! The book is almost always better and gives more information and I think is much more rewarding than just sitting and watching a movie.

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