Would You Choose Your Friends Over Blood-Related Family?

Asked by: Nanonymous78
  • Yes, Because my friends are there for me through my struggles.

    My parents don't even notice it when I am sad while my friends get to know me so well that they can tell when I am faking being happy. They share more common interests with me and accept me for me way more than my family does. I get to choose my friends while I am instead stuck with my family. I am closer to them than just sharing DNA, They might come and go but the true friends will never leave.

  • You can't choose your family, But you can choose your friends.

    It really does depend on the context. In my current context I would choose my family but I know a lot of people who come from really bad families and their friends are the closest people they know. If someone asked me if I value friends over family, I'd say friends because I am basically friends with my family and you can choose your friends, Not your family.

  • There is nothing special about family.

    Just because someone is blood-related to you does not mean they deserve special treatment. Biological family just means that you're more genetically similar to them. . . Why does that mean they should automatically be important? The only reason to chose your blood-related family over your friends is if you have a prefer them over your friends, DNA should have nothing to do with it.

  • Friends may leave, But family are always there.

    Throughout your life, There may be many friends that come and go. Friends that you'll know for one, Two, Three, Maybe four years. After that, You may not be nearly as close. However, Family are always there, Whether you like it or not, But that may not be a bad thing. When you're down, They'll raise you up. When you're stuck, They'll pull you out. When you were a baby, Your parents fed you, Changed you, Kept you safe. Can friends do that?

  • Family Is Important

    I Honestly think family is important but others may think otherwise and I hold no prejudice against them so please feel free to say your honest opinions!

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Nanonymous78 :)

  • As for importance:

    I would go for family. Sure, You can't choose your family but they had no choice either. Like them or not, They will always be your family but friends come and go. Tho we don't always get along, If anyone in my family gets into trouble, We know the rest have our backs.

  • My family will never leave.

    Unlike friends, My blood related family are always there. Even though I mess up alot, They always account me for it. If I do wrong, They tell me. Even though I might not like it at the time, It's the truth. My mom, Aunts, Grandmas are always there. I mean there are ones of famillies that I wish never existed, But thinking about the ones that I love, Would choose my family over friends

  • Family first always.

    Family should be picked over friends. Family is blood and they also have the features friends have. Yes some may not have family the way i do but if so they should pick family. Family is important too, They are the ones to stay true to you and who you are.

  • You can make new friends

    You only have one mother father and only a few brothers or sisters. A friend can come or go but your family cannot be replaced.
    I would lose 1000 friends than to lose any of my family,
    why because you can just as quickly find some others ones. Tough luck friends

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