Would you consider Bridgitte Bardot a talented actress?

  • 43 different roles as an actress

    Bridgitte Bardot has starred in 43 different movies from 1952 to 1973. This year after a long hiatus, she's being filmed in role number 44. On top of her movie roles, she's played a part in soundtracks. She has talent, she has to to have accumulated as much work as she has done. Talentless hacks get spit out of the industry.

  • Yes but not one of the best

    Bridget Bardot has made it as a mainstream actress so you have to at least acknowledge she has some talent. I think she is a good actress but would not go out of my way to see her in anything. So not elite but still has some talent as an actress.

  • Yes, Bridgitte Bardot is a talented actress.

    Bridgitte Bardot is a very talented actress, despite the fact she choose not to pursue a life long acting career. Her choice to appear in mainly European films resulted in a lack of visibility to the American film viewing public. In addition to her movie career she also was a talented singer, with numerous charted singles.

  • She was beautiful.

    Yes, I would consider Bridgitte Bardot a talented actress, because she played some complicated roles. Bardot was beautiful, but she was not just another pretty face. Her characters had multiple sides to them. She was engaging and drew the audience into her characters. This does not come by practice, Bardot had a natural talent.

  • No, Bridgitte Bardot was a pin up girl more than actress.

    Bridgitte Bardot was more of a "sex symbol" than a talented actress. Her charismatic sultriness was what drew attention to her. Her movies were made primarily to showcase her physical attributes rather than display any acting talent. Her beauty was showcased and appreciated on it's own merit without regard to acting talent.

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