• If it's competitive and it's an activity, it's a sport.

    Some people think for something to be a sport it requires physical activity, but they've made the grave mistake of confusing sports with physical activity. And just because something isn't at the olympics doesn't make it less of a sport, it's still a sport. Just because most simpletons only know about the big popular sports doesn't change the facts. There's professionally played chess, darts, bowling, pool, f***ing video games! You're going to tell me a sport requires physical activity? Fine, everyones entitled to their own opinion. I'm just letting you know that yours is wrong.

  • It is competitive, and requires skill

    By its definition, a sport is a competitive skill-requiring act. Chess is a competitive and skill requiring act. There is no real difference between an exercise of the mind and an exercise of the body. Like any sport, your chess skills can improve with concentration and practice. There is no real logical argument against chess being a sport.

  • Yes chess is a sport

    Even though it doesn't have physical contact neither does golf and it is a sport you can lose weight from chess to by concentrating so hard s o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o burn ! Okay

  • Chess is a sport.

    Like other physical sports, chess requires strategy and tactics and even psychology, but instead of testing physical skills, it tests mental skills. If chess is not a sport then why has it no been accepted into the commonwealth games? Sport is a competitive, constructive activity, that can be physical or mental

  • It is intensive.

    Chess, as a national sport, is recognized by the guys who run the Olympics. It is also quite intense, working your central muscle (the brain) to the fullest. It is said that pro chess players think up to 12 turns in advance, using a hell of a lot of brain power.

  • 100% for sure

    I am a huge chess fan and have played over 10,000 chess games on different sites. I believe that chess is underplayed in the U.S and other countries. Russia takes chess super seriously and it is one of their largest competitions. I would personally put chess in the olympics, it is an amazing game.

  • Yes, it is competitive, so it is a sport.

    There are worldwide tournaments for chess and requires thinking. Many people think that a sport requires physical movement, but they are wrong. You have to use your thinking skills in physical activities, and you have to use your thinking skills in chess, as well. It probably won't make it to the Olympics, but it is still a sport.

  • Chess does not fit the definition of sport.

    Sport, by definition is:
    an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment
    http://oxforddictionaries.Com/definition/english/sport - source.

    Chess does not require physical exertion; chess is not a sport. Exertion is just another word for effort. If the definition was just "exertion" then fine - but note the word physical.

  • Do they play chess at the Olympics?

    I think the term sport should be limited to physically challenging games. A sport should be something that you actively play, rather than sitting virtually motionless apart from when you pick up a chess piece. I recognise chess is a competitive mental game, but I think calling it a sport is a little absurd.

  • Chess is not a sport!

    How can chess be a sport when a sport involves physical exertion? Plus, chess is NOT in the Olympics! I don't even consider a sport being something where you just sit down, think and move a chess piece across a board every now and again. You don't need to use any physical abilities in chess, only tactical abilities. Yes, in sport it is good to have physical and tactical abilities but there is just no point in chess being a sport!

  • Do you sweat playing chess?

    Do you even break a light sweat while you're sitting at your table, gently caressing a clock and sometimes, when it gets really intense;, you might even blink or say something.

    In a nutshell, chess isn't a sport, but it's a good excuse for one for people who won't even admit to themselves that they are not healthy enough to run and jump.

  • Am I an X-Box athlete?

    If it doesn't involve physical exertion, it's not a sport. Not every competitive act we partake of can be considered a sport, to define sports that way is silly and strips the meaning from the term. Until you gear up in plate mail and medieval weaponry, dueling your opponents pieces in order to remove them from the board you are not a "chesslete." And no, there's no such thing as an X-Box athlete either.

  • Stupid, obviously not

    How can chess EVER be compared to swimming or tennis? There is NO physical skill required. If chess is considered a sport, before you know it games like Scrabble and Boggle will be deemed as sports. I don't know about you, but i'm pretty sure the rest of the world doesn't consider chess a sport, sounds incredibly stupid in my opinion.

  • It's a game....A board game.

    It may be competitive and organized i.e. a game, but it isn't physically exerting. Just like doing push-ups may be physically exerting, but isn't competitively organized. A sport is both of those concepts combined and chess doesn't do both. Chess is a game and push-ups are exercise. Another funny example; "eSports".

  • Chess, a sport?

    Like all of the above, chess is a game, not a sport. If you don't know the meaning of a sport then that makes sense, if you do then WHAT WERE YOU THINKING. It's not like you sweat or move your body, the only thing that moves is your fingers, just because it's in the olympics doesn't exactly mean that it's a sport

  • Chess is not technically a sport

    Chess is a very,very,very,very,very enjoyable game. When I am bored I like to play that extremely enjoyable 'board' game! Ha ha! But honestly while the title of this debate is Would You Consider Chess a sport the answer is obviously no. Chess is a board game,not a sport. So I hope you`ll agree with me.

  • Why would it be?

    Obviously chess cannot be considered a sport. The definition of sport informs that it is something that requires physical activity, which chess does not. Yes, there are some strategies and skills needed but is reading comprehension a sport? Obviously not and you need skills and strategies for it too. Think about it. Chess is a pass time but not a sport. Do we count Solitaire as a sport? No. Solitaire is a game just like chess is. Get out, get some exercise and actually do a real sport like soccer, football or basketball.

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