Would you consider Criss Angel's illusions to be Jesus-like?

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  • No,Criss Angel's illusion are not Jesus like.

    No,Criss Angel's illusions are not Jesus like.There is only one Jesus Christ and it is definitely not Criss Angel's.People can claim that he got his skills from Jesus but it really can not be claimed that his talents are Jesus like.Any way Jesus would not use his skills for profit but to help people.

  • Chris Angel is Nothing Like Jesus

    Chris Angel is an illusionist. The illusions he performs are just that, performances. He is a highly skilled professional that captivates audiences through his unique tricks and showmanship. Anything that seems Jesus-like is part of his act. I am not saying he isn't an incredible performer or a truly elusive person, just that these qualities are not comparable to Jesus.

  • No, because they're quite obviously fake.

    Even though his illusions show him "walking on water," I know it's fake, but more importantly, I know how it's fake. True, all illusions are fake, but they are much more mysterious and impressive when nobody knows how it's done. On the contrary, everyone knows how Criss Angel does what he does. Therefore, I think calling them "Jesus-like" is a praise he hasn't earned. If no one knew how he did his illusions, then that might be a fair description. However, since almost everyone knows he uses mirrors and distractions, what he does is far from a "miracle."

  • Jesus is fake

    No, I do not think they are similar, because Jesus did not do all that was said he did. He simply was put in a big story that was not accurate, and he did not do all the things he was said to have done. Criss is an entertainer, and just tricks the mind.

  • He's just an entertainer.

    Since Criss Angel actually exists, that would automatically discount him from being compared to Jesus. However, nothing that Criss Angel does is considered would be taken as comparable to Jesus by people who believe in the Bible. Even he has acknowledged his illusions are a matter of timing and suggestion.

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