Would you consider death penalty as cruel and unusual punishment ?

Asked by: stephannoi
  • Death is the worst thing that will happen to someone

    Death penalty is unacceptable because humans have family. How would you feel if your family gets a death penalty? There is an enormous number of penalties in the world. Those penalties can be cruel which one would deserve. BUT death penalty is the most cruel thing that will happen to someone.

  • Yes not only death penalty is cruel and inhuman but it's also discriminatory and racist especially against minority groups.

    I fully agree with abolitionist that we should abolish death penalty. This kind of punishment should be declared as void as same as slavery,torture, and genocide.If we declared slavery,torture and genocide to be illegal why can't we do the same is death penalty ? It's an barbaric act and it's outdated to be used in 21th . Also in many countries that death penalty is legal has been discriminatory used against homosexuals,women,and other racial and minority groups. Even in the first developed countries such as USA there are evidence that blacks,hispanics and people with mental disability are more likely to executed for crimes such as murder,drug dealing,etc...To sum up, i advocate for abolition of death penalty worldwide. It violate not only the international law but also the fundamental establishment of our constitution.

  • Is it justice to not give anyone a second chance?

    Imagine that you are in the situation of being sentenced to death for a crime you have committed that you completely regret. You're in a place where you can't meet your family or close friends anymore and definitely can't during your execution. You understand that there must be a punishment for the crime you have committed but realise that only death is looming ahead of you in this situation.

    Is this really justice? Wouldn't you want to have a second chance in any situation no matter your wrongdoing? If there is a death penalty there is no chance given to the person in subject of the circumstance to prove themselves and rid themselves of their crimes after their rightful punishment.

  • Yes death penalty is inhumane practice and it does not deter crime.And only is some undemocratic countries and illiberal countries that still use death penalty.

    Most of democratic countries abolish death penalty such as the europe countries and others. Only countries with worst record of human right violation still used death penalty such as ( China,Saudi arabia,Iran,Pakistan,Afghanistan,Iraq,Lybia,.....Etc). These countries often use death penalty for victimless crime such as adultery,homosexuality,sodomy,blasphemy,fornication,prostitution,antheism
    etc...). So death penalty is these countries are discriminatory and unfair especially against women where they are more likely being convicted of prostitution,adultery,and fornication. Also it's a prejudice against homosexuality because in most muslim countries they could be put to death. For all those support death penalty, Do you also agree with executing homosexual ,prostitute,adulterer ? If you agree then you are cold blood human. But in my opinion these act should not be even be criminalized because it's not a violent crime that cause physical harm to others. Just because it is frowned upon religion doesn't mean it should be punishable by death. But in many countries especially muslims region justify killing people based on their religious beliefs.Also i would like to add more that there are several social studies and criminologist proof that death penalty has no deterrent effect on crime rate.Also several innocent people has been put to death who are being falsely accused of crime that they haven't commit. If they receive life sentence at least they spare their life and could be released from prison for crimes that they haven't commit. It's also an evil practice because it takes people's life. Eve in first developed countries such as in USA blacks,hispanic,people of color and people with mental disability are more likely being executed than white people. Do you see know how bad death penalty is ? In conclusion death penalty is barbaric,inhuman,brutal,discriminatory and racist. These king of practice should be banned everywhere in this world.

  • Um duh, of course

    It is such an old and terrible punishment and was only used back in the medivel times because there was no better thing to do, but now we have great jails that keep prisoners locked up until people believe that they are okay to be free. There is no reason anymore that there should be the death penalty at all anywhere in the world.

  • It solves nothing.

    Capital Punishment does little more than terrify people into obeying. Is that really what you, as a leader, want to do? To lead your flock through tyranny and fear? Of course it bloody isn't. And let's face it, one can't learn from their mistakes when they've lost their head now, can they? It solves nothing and only scares people into subjugation.

  • Death penalty is wrong

    Of course it's an cruel punishment because it's cruel to kill people. Life has an value in itself. Nobody life's should be undermine and if you believe that someone life is unworthy then you are very similar to the Nazis. This is exactly what the Nazis believe and what they did . They kill anyone who they believe their lives is considered unworthy. Most of these people who are considered unworthy are especially the jewish but also gypsy,disabled people,poles,slavs,political opponents and homosexuals. Most of the jewish and gypsies were killed upon arrival in gas chambers but also people with physical and mental disabilities. For all those who still support death penalty,please imagine yourself what if it has been you ? How would you feel if someone say to you that you deserve to die ? How would you feel that someone say that your life is worthless ? If you feel sad then please don't support death penalty because even you yourself don't like it to be killed. I oppose death penalty because it's simply injustice to kill anyone and especially the innocent people. Throughout our history we can learn that capital punishment has been misused by bad leaders like adolf Hitler or Stalin. While in total Adolf Hitler kill 11 millions people and Stalin 60 millions. These evil dictators misused death penalty to justify their hatred and prejudice against certain groups. Now adays in our 21th century many countries abolish death penalty because we don't want to repeat the same mistake like in the past. But the best thing that could happen if this penalty be abolish in all over the world not only in some countries like european or others.

  • Yes it an very cruel and barbaric punishment.

    This kind of punishment is already outdated in 21th century. Many countries already abolish it. Besides there is no evidence that it deter murder. According to survery 88 % of criminologist agree that death penalty does not deter violent crimes. Here is the evidence :
    And besides it's also discriminatory and prejudice especially against blacks and the poor people where they are more likely being executed for the same crime that the white and rich people committed it.

  • Yes: false charges, flawed accessibility in legal system, and much much more

    Is there an alternative punishment besides imprisonment? If collective safety is the only concern, then why not operate on the offender so he/she is deaf, blind, mute, and paralyzed?

    The above statement probably repulsed you because you imagined living as a deaf, blind and mute paraplegic, and maybe even the violence that would inflict these conditions on someone. Now I ask, is mutilation better or worse than death?

    If inflicting violence on someone (no matter how reprehensible) seems wrong, why hesitate to reject execution? In the end, the deaf, blind, mute, and paralyzed man or woman poses no threat to society, is imprisoned in their own body, AND (in contrast to the executed felon) is alive.
    **I am well aware of the cost of imprisonment, which is a debate subject for another time, and I do not advocate for the systemic mutilation of felons, that was an illustration,

    Assuming we are debating the death penalty in the USA, the distribution of executions is highly concentrated in certain communities (Harris County, I'm looking at you!). Such regional preference for administering the death penalty is indicative of cultural imposition on that area's justice system.

    The American death penalty is predominantly administered against men and women from marginalized socioeconomic classes.

    I think we can all agree that the American justice system has flaws (ahem, legal fees). Forensic technology is also constantly improving, and the finality of execution deprives the accused of ever clearing his/her name.

    Are there victims who deserve justice? Absolutely.

    BUT there are accused men and women who might be victims of false charges. Do a few innocents deserve to die so that the state can execute the guilty?

  • Yes because there is no human way to execute people and it violate Eight Amendment.

    Death penalty is without any further argument is a violation of fundamental of human right. Everyone should have a right to life even the worst criminals such as murder,terrorist or drug cartels. If in most serious crime like these i would prefer life sentence for them rather executing. Also there is no proof that there are any method of execution that is painless even the lethal injection. So death penalty is equivalent to murder. There is no way to justify killing people.

  • Quick and painless.

    Fact is, everyone dies eventually. Thing is, some people deserve to die much sooner. If we look at lethal injection, it goes in 3 stages. The first injection is an anesthetic that stops pain and paralyzes them. The second is a muscle relaxer, and the third stops the heart. Most people would wish such a fate when they die. By comparison, dying of natural causes is cruel and unusual punishment.

    In my opinion, these criminals didn't care about how much their victim or family suffered by their actions so why should we? If it was up to me, I think what we should do is allow the victims to decide how the person is put to death. If justice is to balance the scale, I say they should die in a similar way to their victims. For instance, look at the piece of scum that did the Florida shooting. Why not wound him several times so he can bleed to death. No pain killer either as his victims didn't have that option. That sounds fair to me.

  • Focus on justice

    I do not believe that the death penalty is a form of cruel and unusual punishment. I agree that execution is not completely pain-free, but in the western nations where it is still practiced, methods have been developed to make it more bearable, for instance by lethal injection. Of course, evidence exists that lethal injection can be somewhat painful for those subjected to it, but, in my opinion, what matters most is that the individual was punished rightly for what he or she did.

    In most cases, people are put to death for murder. Murder is different from other crimes because the murderer has ended someone's life. Theft, embezzlement, and other such crimes can all be repaid to a certain degree, but there is no way to bring a murdered person back to life. Moreover, a murderer has to have an extreme amount of hate in him to be willing to kill someone. These are dangerous individuals that shouldn't be allowed to live.

    Some argue that even these people have a right to live, but by allowing them to live we undermine the value of the lives of those who were murdered. Are some people executed for things they didn't do? Of course: mankind's governments will always have flaws. Yet, this should not be a reason to abolish the death penalty, but rather a reason to improve our legal systems to ensure that these instances become less frequent.

  • The Death Penalty is how justice is served

    The death penalty is not cruel and unusual punishment because if someone murders someone, they deserve to have their life taken away from them. This is not a matter of preventing crime, but as a way to make sure they never commit another crime again. There have been some cases where people who have life sentences have escaped from jail or have been put on parole. If liberals have any sense of how hypocritical they are, they should shut their mouths with blowing the White House, killing the president, killing Caucasian people and killing cops. Death is a permanent state and it helps with preventing repeat crimes. Also, they don't get to enjoy the spoils of the comfortable life in prison. The death penalty doesn't violate any amendment because it is painless and is not unusual in the course of human history.

  • Well yes but some people deserve to die

    Yes i always hear people from those oppose death penalty saying that life is worthwhile and should be taken away. Yes i agree with this statement in some aspect but not all. Some of the worst people such as adolf hitler or the nazis people should have no right to live. Their life is worthless. Think about they murder millions of innocent people in concentration-extermination camps. IF we don't execute the nazis then the death toll would risen rapidly until some human enthnic group such as jews would go to extinct. So it was a good decision at the trial of nuremberg to hang all the nazi leader. Otherwise i disagree with death penalty in crimes such as murder and any other serious crime. In such case life in prison would be more suitable than death sentence. Lock them life in prison would ensure public safety than executing them. In conclusion i don't think death sentence would deter crimes because criminals would break the law anyway without fear of punishment. And death sentence would even incite them to kill the victim. So i agree with the yes voters that it should be abolish worldwide but it should not be abolish for crime against humanity such as war crimes and genocide.

  • Usually i disagree with death penalty in some of the worst crime against humanity such as war crimes and genocide should be punishable by death.

    I strongly agree with the yes voters that death penalty is an unjust punishment although but it's only justified to be used for war crimes and genocide. An example of these are the Nazis. Think about the holocaust where they murder 6 million of jews and other millions of innocent people. In such as case anyone who are responsible for holocaust should be executed. I say this because it would be safer for the world when they are dead than being alive in prison. Also to put them in life in prison would serve no purpose. That's why i agree with the nuremberg trials that they execute all the nazi people. Otherwise in crimes such as murder,drug dealing, and terrorism should be locked in prison for life.

  • Of Course Not

    There is nothing cruel about the modern day death penalty. Sure we've decided that criminals should have a "painless death" even though they killed a person not painlessly but that is beyond the point. We inject them with a serum that kills them almost instantly and painlessly. It is not cruel and unusually. These murderers brutally killed more than one person and deserve to die.

  • Would life in prison be better?

    Life in prison is only a longer death penalty anyway where the prisoner spends their days waiting, knowing they're going to eventually die inside the jail cell they now call home.

    I agree that in certain cases, the death penalty is in no way acceptable for example small crimes such as theft, and even in bigger incidents such as involuntary manslaughter.

    However at a certain point, the idea of giving a "second chance" to some people seems irrational, for example in the case of serial killers. Keeping someone alive only to live in confinement until their death is not a second chance, in fact I would consider it a cruel and unusual punishment.

  • The death sentence is more merciful than the rest of your life in prison

    I think that I would rather have a quick and pain-free death, instead of one that has me spend the remaining eighty-something years of my life in a prison cell, dying of some painful disease because my old man immune system couldn't fight off a cold anymore.

    You guys mentioned that to lose a family member would be hard, but how would you tell your kids 'mom went to jail for the rest of her life, and she'll never come back to see us'?

    And if you were sent to jail, wouldn't you want to die without pain?

  • If you lock them away for life, why not just kill them painlessly instead of letting them rot in prison where they'll die anyways?

    Do you think that just having a murderer sit in prison for the rest of their life, and ending it with a likely much more painful death is humane? I think that rather than sitting in jail for seventy-something years, waiting to die of some kind of painful disease because my old man immune system couldn't fight it anymore, I'd rather just get it over with, quick and painless. Wouldn't you?

  • If killing someone is cruel punishment, why did the accused do it?

    Seriously, the accused killed someone, TOOK THEIR LIFE, why shouldn't we be any different, whats our best punishment for them right now eh? 9 YEARS PRISON, i've heard of a guy who broke and entered HIS OWN HOUSE WHILE HIS WIFE WAS CHEATING ON HIM go to jail for 15!

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