Would You Consider Deleting Your Facebook Account?

  • Consider it? I've already done it!

    Not only have I considered deleting my Facebook account, I actually did it. The main reason is that after it kept sneakily resetting everyone's privacy settings repeatedly over the years, I was getting sick and tired of how much of a chore it was to maintain my account. It came across as a deliberate attempt on the part of Facebook to wear people down so they wouldn't care so much about protecting their privacy anymore. I value my internet privacy highly, so the last time Facebook played with the settings, I figured enough is enough and deleted my account entirely. I've now been three years sober and haven't missed my account a bit!

  • I Would Not Delete My Facebook Account

    No, I would not consider deleting my Facebook account as I use it daily to keep in contact with many people. From old friends from high school and college, to family members I do not see often, to friends from the Internet, I use Facebook to keep in touch. Thus, I would not delete my account.

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