Would you consider horseback riding a sport?

Asked by: 66Piez
  • It isn't JUST a sport, it is the HARDEST sport.

    I do track. I run. But I also ride horses. I have more muscle than ALL of the girls and most of the guys in my grade. All because I ride horses. You burn upwards of 700 calories an hour, just cleaning and mucking out stalls. You lift 50 lbs hay bales, 4 or more at a time. You carry 40 lbs water and grain buckets. And that is just off the horse.

  • YOU TRY IT! If you think it is abuse, read this.

    If you want to call equestrianism abuse, you are wrong. Horses may not want to be ridden, but that does not mean we are hurting them. Hurting horses is purposeful abuse such as abandonment, shooting, whipping and slaughtering, NOT RIDING. Riding in a way is what horses were built for. Not only are they built to survive nature and the elements, and their backs are strong and they can withstand riding. Now, some riders are terrible to their horses. They feed them 3 times a week and whip their feet going over jumps to keep their feet up and looking fancy. But, that does not mean that all of us abuse our horses. Let’s consider the Olympic level horses. They jump up to 6 feet tall and up to 5’11 feet wide. These horses are treated like royalty. Each horse at this level has its own groom who feeds it, grooms it, tacks it up, washes it, cools it down, and takes them on planes. These horses are not even CLOSE to being abused! So, please do not call our sport abuse.

  • The only people who say it isnt a sport, have never done it...

    As simple as my headline. You can argue its not a sport if you havent done it. You cant argue you've done trails or pony rides because that isnt the same as actually competing in the sport itself. Dont get it ? Heres a example. I tossed a football back and forth with a friend in my backyard, it was easy. Took no practice or physical activity, super simple and anyone can do it. So football cant be a sport. Its easy anyone can throw a ball around right? I bet you disagree with that. Same thing with horses, anyone can sit there while a horse walks through trails or in a circle at a fair. But could you compete in the sport itself without training? Absolutely not. When you actually take lessons and can run barrels or jump a 3 foot course on your very first time ever, without any problems than maybe we can talk. Meaning we will never talk because even on the most trained horses it wouldn't be possible. The amount of skill and muscle thats goes into riding takes YEARS of practice, even than.. You wont be a flawless rider. So please educate yourselves before sounding like complete idiots attempting to argue against the facts. In the end, why else would it be in the Olympics? Its a sporting event after all. Learn ur facts sweets

  • It is 100% a sport

    I ride a 16.1hh ottb and he is crazy. He can get scared so easily over nothing at all just a ray of sunshine on the ground. Almost every day we equestrians work out butts off by using our leg and all the muscle we have to control and steer this 1200lb animal. You may think its stupid and "the horse does all the work" but how about I throw you on top of a horse and see what happens when you just sit there......I'm still waiting oh wait that's right because nothing would happen you would just sit there. The horse moves with you and listens to your cues. It is a sport and I don't care what you say because everyone knows that controlling an animal that is unpredictable and who has feelings just like us is hard. Just like a regular sport.

  • Yes, it's a sport!

    While general horseback-riding itself may not be a sport, there are sports like dressage and barrel-racing (lots more competitions, too) that are centered around riding. It takes athleticism to hold on and post correctly. And what about two-point? For all the people that think it's just SITTING, you've never seen anyone actually ride before.

    Sure, the horse does all the cantering and galloping, but who asked him to in the first place? While it's a given that you need balance and general perseverance, you've never had a horse test you before. You can't back down.

    Last but not least, We love our horses for their companionship and their wonderful personalities! It's impossible not to smile when you see one :)

  • It is a sport

    You need to controller the horse you need to be a team you cant just say its easy because its NOT you can get killed and if you say its not think about it this way basketball is not a sport because is it just you no other ppl do work to not just you

  • It’s a Sport, No Matter What Your Tiny Brain Thinks

    Many of the no arguments state things like this: “The horse does more work!” “You’re just sitting there!” All of these fail to prove why it’s not a sport. Your teammates easily get along with you. They talk to you, and you click at first sight. My horse is a fiery OTTB who doesn’t listen, and I have fallen off COUNTLESS times. It took me TWO years to get a full, trusting bond with him, and your teammate immediately got along with you the first day of practice. When I started riding I was WEAK. Now, I have a 6-pack, believe it or not, the amount of core strength required is maximum. My thighs can break a watermelon because of how strong they’ve been from riding, my abs have allowed me to waterski, while no one else can, and my arms are getting better everyday. Why do you think us equestrians spend hours a day training? Is it because we want to? No! We want to be amazing immediately, but the reason we take so long is because in our sport we HAVE to be devoted, and we take years and years to train, while you have soccer games every weekend! Sure, the horse moves more than the person, but in the end, if the rider wasn’t there, the horse wouldn’t be able to function. We work together as a team! Riding takes a heck ton of strength, endurance, and takes a rough toll on both your body and the horse’s. Admit it, the only reason horseback riding looks so easy, is because us riders, are pretty damn good at it.

  • Have you done this???

    Dear Non-Equestrians,
    I love it when you ask me what sport I do and I say Ride Horses. And you say, that’s not a sport. You say all we do is sit there, that anyone can do it, and it takes no skill. Then I ask, Have you ever fallen 5ft off the back of an moving object going 36mph? Have you ever danced with a 1200 pound free spirit that doesn’t speak your language? Have you ever trusted your life with an animal that could kill you in seconds with just a change of mind? Have you felt what it feels like to think that one little mistake could KILL YOU? In the sport I do, there are no safety nets, there are no timeouts, the ball has a mind of it’s own. When we fall, we get back up again, because there isn’t anyone to replace us. Our language is based on silence, our connection is unbreakable. Now do see it, now do you understand the sweat, the blood, the time, the dedication, the pain, the love, the CONNECTION? Do you understand the work that goes into my sport? Horses lend us the wings that we lack, we forget all the reasons why it won’t work and remember the ONE reason it will. If you still think horseback riding isn’t a sport, try controlling a 1200 lb animal with a mind of its own, while going 38 miles an hour at the middle of a solid obstacle, also thinking about leads, diagonals, and the next jump on the course.

  • It is a sport

    Its like saying that football isn't a sport. The horse doesn't do all the work, we are the ones controlling them. It is also in the olympics, what is the olympics for? S P O R T S. So honestly if you say its not a sport then u are dumb because id like to see you get on a horse and jump something that is taller then you. Get on the horse and think that this thing can kill me in 0.3 seconds but we do it anyway.

  • Are you stupid? Of course it is.

    Horse riders aren't athletes, have you ever gone without stirrups, done two point position? It takes strength and muscle. Oh also have you ever controlled an animal 10x your size over a huge jump? Didn't think so.

    Horse riding is just lazy walking. Walking with two legs is much easier than trying to control four legs that aren't your own. I guess you have never tried.

    Horse riding is a luxury or pass time. In horse riding if you or your partner make the tiniest misjudgment or mistake, if you don't give each other your full trust and heart, you do not risk risking two points, But you risk losing two lives. Yeah a really fun pass time!

    Just because its in the olympics doesn't mean its a sport. Yeah just because Hockey, soccer, swimming, diving, shot put, javelin, running, hurdles, rugby etc are in the olympics doesn't mean their a sport.

    If the horse wasn't their nothing would happen. Thats why we have the horses stupid. They have the ability to use the muscles in their hindquarters to push of the ground and propel themselves over a jump, horse riders harness that ability and form bonds based from trust to let the horse go with the rider around a course of jumps, or around an arena.

    Horse back riding is cruel. I agree some times people can be cruel to horses. Does that mean all horse riders are cruel to their horses? Its like saying owning a dog is cruel and it doesn't matter if u r nice to it it should be running freely outside.

  • Deff not a sport

    In all honesty, riding a horse isn't difficult. Even if it's considered a sport, a jockey isn't an athlete. There's minimal physical movement involved in riding a horse. Just let the horse do its job. I don't know why I need fifty words but I'll add three more words now.

  • It's not a sport

    Yeah you control a 1000 lb animal but farmers control 100x that and farming isn't a sport. If you need to question whether or not something is a sport, it probably isn't one. I get that you're passionate about your activity but that doesn't mean you need to call it a sport.
    BACKGROUND: I know many people who do horseback riding and have experience with it myself.

  • It is not a sport.

    I consider horse back riding being to lazy to walk. If you don't like walking then buy a car not a horse, horses are just animals and they are dumb. You have to train them, feed them, clean them and groom them. Like I said before To lazy to walk.

  • It isn't a sport, it's a hobby.

    Horseback riders complain about sitting on a horse and having but pain, they say because they have to use their thighs you have to be fit. Wrestlers, mama fighters, football players. What do they have in common? Oh yeah they're actually athletic so they can play. Can't say the same about equestrians it's basically only one spot above competitive videogames

  • No Not at all

    Sport is like soccer or hockey, riding a horse is a luxury or a pass time. Yes there is sport riding like racing barrels or jumping, but horse back riding in general is not a sport. You may have to use strength to stay on and to control the animal but that is not a sport, like saying driving a 4 wheeler is a sport.

  • No, it is not a sport

    All the "yes" arguments fail.

    All I can read about is:
    The horse is tall and hard to climb (still doesn't make it a sport though)
    You have pain in your muscles, yeah sure. But does that make it a sport?
    The horse does most of the work.

    I know it's fun taking care of a horse and do parcours and stuff, but do you move more than that horse?

  • Horseback riding is not a sport!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Horseback riding is not a sport because all you do is sit on the horse while it does all of the work. The only time you actually have to work is when you are doing no stirrups of your horse. Just because it is in the olympics does not mean it is a sport

  • Don't harm animals.

    It is not a sport just harming animals.It was used in past to go to from one place to another place.Now we have vehicles to move from one place to another, so, they are using horse ,bulls,etc animals for games.First of all the police should catch the players who play with animals.

  • Riding Isn't a sport

    Yes the rider does a lot of work but at the end of the day, the horses actions are what result in the final product. Be it running, jumping etc., without the horse pushing off the ground it doesn't happen. For all the people who say "if you say riding isn't a sport you're intimidated because our ball has a mind of its own, stop. You can't compared a 4 legged, living animal to an inanimate object that can't do anything unless you directly move it yourself

  • All the "Yes" arguments fail

    About it being dangerous, so is construction work.
    About it having to connect to the horse, yes that's tough to do but connecting with an animal isn't a sport.
    About you needing a strong core, so do people in construction.
    About it takes years of training, so does painting.

    The reason equestrians get SO worked up about IT"S A SPORT!!! Is that most of them are spoiled brats who have rich daddies and they have to feel better about themselves. Riding takes skill, but no way is it a sport.

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