Would you consider leaving Christianity if you were told something that varied from what you have been taught your entire life?

  • yes, I would leave

    I was raised Christian and I don't follow it anymore..Its nice to build some kind of morale background,but its just not realistic. I can't see anything like that even making a difference in my life. I hope one day that people move on from religion and see what the world really is a fluke of nature.

  • Yes, one lie can change my mind.

    If I was raised on lies and a bunch of hypocrisy, I will absolutely change my mind about not only Christianity but also religions in general. There is no way that I would forgive one lie because I base my entire life on those principles and would die to see them turn lies.

  • Never, Jesus is Lord

    Thou shalt worship the Lord thy God and him only shalt thou serve. Those words cannot be changed. The bible is the living word of God, and God does not change. No matter how much people or science attempts to convince me that God is not real and alive, I know my God, and he knows me. My life was instantly changed for the better by a very real and living God. I will go to my death with full knowledge of my salvation through Jesus Christ, My lord and my God.

  • If that ismallmit takes then you were not a Christian

    No, I would not consider leaving Christianity if I were told something that was not coherent with what was taught my whole life. If someone telling you something switches all your beliefs then you were not realty a true Christian in the first place. You will never know everything about a religion and there are many versions of the same religion.

  • No, like other Christians I feel faith doesn't need to be proven.

    As someone who is a Christian, I feel that my faith doesn't need to be proven. As an example, I have heard a lot about evolution, including because I went to a public school. Yet even though some people feel that disproves Christianity, I have never thought that Creation took a literal six days, so it didn't disprove it to me. Most people who are strong in their faith, whatever faith it is, will probably disbelieve information that doesn't coincide with their beliefs.

  • No, I would stay a Christian

    Often people are very firm in their beliefs and will have a very tough time believing that the religion that they have followed for their entire lives was invalid. So I would not consider leaving Christianity regardless of what I was told unless it was completely and utterly compelling and changed the way I looked at life.

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