Would you consider modern day feminism sexist?

Asked by: Rahjee
  • Yes and no.

    Obviously there are clear benefits. Feminism is needed in places like India, where women have next to no rights. But look at a place like Canada. Now we could debate wage gap all day (which I do not believe exists) but I'm going to step away from that. There are many women who are considered feminists, who take it way to far, to a extent in which they believe they are better than men. These women don't even try and make things fair for them, they just bash men. I mean it's okay to be proud of being a woman, but some women take every single situation in a sexist way, and that is the issue. If a woman gets turned down for a job, she might say "well he was a man, so he got it". Now I'm not saying all women would do this, but the few that would are the ones who are the extremist feminists, and that is where the issue is.

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