• God and religion will always be relevant

    God will always be relevant in the world and religion will always be one of the driving forces of this world for good or for bad. Religion is still strong in the community and in churches that help support communities in any area across the world. Religion will never fade in this world.

  • Yes, religion is relevant today.

    Religion is relevant today because we still have to understand religious beliefs in order to get along in the world. Wars are still fought over religious differences, and people still try to control the behavior of others because of their personal religious beliefs. Unfortunately, these are both negative reasons for believing that religion is still relevant. The scientific explanations about the world are far more persuasive to my mind, however, many people reject this view in favor of religious explanations, and religion can be a positive force in their lives, I guess. Despite it's lack of relevance, religion is here to stay for awhile longer.

  • Yes religion is very relevant in today's world.

    The concept of religion is very relevant to people in today's world. The definition of religion varies from person to person, still everyone has a position on. Some believe there is no supreme being (God), believe in an undefined "higher power" and yet other deny the existence of any God or higher power. No matter what view a person holds, that position is relevant to how they live their life.

  • Yes, Religion is still an active force today

    Religion is relevant today because it is still active as a guiding force in the lives of billions of people. While religion does not have the kind of singular influence that it had in certain other moments in history, it is absolutely still a relevant force in our culture today.

  • Yes, I consider religion relevant today.

    While religion's groups are much less powerful politically and socially then they have been in the past I think overall the majority of the world still believes in a religion of some sort and so religion in general must be considered relevant today simply because of the number of people still following.

  • Religion is dying, atheism and agnosticism are increasing, science and philosophy are replacing religion.

    Statistics have shown that church attendance has decreased throughout the world along with the number of people who believe in a god.
    Statistics have also shown that in the United States 20% of Americans are without a religion, that is a big increase from 7% in 1990 and amongst young people it is as high as 40%.
    In Europe, East Asia, Canada, Australia and New Zealand religion has drastically declined to the point that in several countries, China, Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Estonia, the Czech Republic, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and The Netherlands, atheists and agnostics are in the majority and in many European countries they are either in the majority or form a significant number.
    Studies in Britain, France, Germany and many European countries have shown that many of the young people in those countries are either atheists or agnostics and religion is ranked as being trivial to many of them.
    A study in 2009 in Britain shown that 66% of young Britons are either atheists or agnostics and many of them believe religion does more harm than good.
    A study in 2012 had shown that amongst young Germans, 82% of young people in Western Germany are either atheists or agnostics whilst in Eastern Germany not a single person under age 28 believed in a god.

    Religion is also being replaced by moral philosophy and by science in many fields, the beauty of this is that science requires experimentation and evidence to explain something, moral philosophy requires logical reasoning to explain something, religion uses arguments from authority, coercion, fear and faith to explain something.

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