• Yes, I would consider this.

    Yes, I would consider stocks in an airline as a gift for the holidays because the amount of travellers around the holidays goes up like crazy for all countries so it is pretty much guarenteed to be a positive thing for yourself and actually a really smart one too. I like that idea.

  • I personally wouldn't

    Stocks and me have some what of a love hate relationship. I know my family and friends all invest in stocks and i can personally see them doing this as a gift, but the person in me is saying that if I were to get this as a gift for someone and then the market crashed, how would that look as a gift then?

  • No, I would not consider stocks in an airline as a gift for the holidays.

    On one hand, giving stocks as a holiday gift sounds like a very good idea, and it is, given that the stocks are well chosen. But it's very hard to argue that investing in an airline is a good choice. Airlines have been struggling to stay alive for years now, with frequent clashes with their labor forces related to their need to cut costs. This hardly sounds like a good Christmas gift.

  • Stock in Airlines as a Gift

    Stock in airlines is not a gift idea that anyone I know would actually understand. The gifts that most people that I shop for would want are laptops, Smart phones, money, gift cards, clothes, cars and jewelry (just to name a few). If someone I was shopping for really wanted stock in airlines, I would consider that idea. But, until that happens, I would not consider this option as a gift.

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