• Ya lets see the world without flying

    I personally am scared of flying. So with that in mind and all of the drone footage I have seen and as me being a photographer, I would love to learn how to fly a drone. To be able to fly without leaving the ground and possibly exlanding my career in the process sounds great!

  • In a heartbeat

    I'm disabled and have never had the honor of serving my nation because of that. If flying...Operating? One of those would let me wear a uniform I'd be very gratefull.
    I'll never have the ability to be a normal soldier. But I can use a joystick and play a videogame.

  • Yes, I would take courses to become a drone pilot.

    Many people view the emergence of drone technology in our society with trepidation, and it's understandable that they would feel this way. Drones have obviously been used to very destructive effect abroad, and at the least they could be considered a threat to privacy here domestically. Yet they can also serve legitimate uses, and so learning to control this technology might be useful.

  • Absolutely no interest

    i have absolutely no interest in learning how to control an unmanned craft that will kill someone. Some claim that remote piloting removes some of the warfare of war, but death is death, and whoever is piloting the craft from afar is still killing. they are still pulling the trigger, and mistakes can be made.

  • No, I would not.

    No, I would not consider taking courses to become a drone pilot because I have no interest really in that kind of stuff. I would love to watch it but I wouldn't go through the whole process to become one if I didn't have much interest in it, which I don't.

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