• I think it is

    Yes, I think the United States is a country that is comprised of Takers and Makers. I think that half of the United States would qualify as those who just want the government to give them handouts and do nothing, while the other half wants to work hard for a living.

  • Yes, for the most part.

    Yes, for the most part, but not everyone. It does seem to be something you see a lot in American culture, though. People are either handed money and have a lot and are well off or they have to work hard for everything they have, or are poor and are still handed things.

  • Yes, the USA is a nation of Takers and Makers.

    I definitely think that the United States of America can be considered a nation of "Takers and Makers". The United States is a country full of people who do benefit from government handouts, but it is also a nation that has a lot of people willing to make things happen.

  • I wonder what the french thought

    The aristocrats that is. Just before the heads started rolling. I have a sneaking suspicion they felt the same sense of smug self entitlement that i see in so many of these "makers and takers" debate. It smacks of class warfare and divisiveness, i'm pretty sure we've got quite enough of that already.

  • more false propaganda

    This theory that the US is a nation of makers and takers was started by rich people. Not all rich people, just the ones that do not pay their lower level employees a fair living wage. That is how they get rich though. Hire cheap labor and make the government pay for their workers food and housing.

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