Would you consider yourself smarter than the average person?

Asked by: getinthevan57
  • I do believe I'm smarter than the average person.

    Although I believe I'm smarter than the average person, I still have much to learn and even more to experience. I am a firm believer if you don't learn something on a given day, that day was a waste. I find myself surrounded by stupid people daily and it bothers me how ignorant some people can be!

  • "Smarter" is subjective and based on many factors.

    I am exceptionally good at memorization. I would consider my memorization skills, as well as my ability to regurgitate and re-word information I have memorized to suit an argument, greater than that of the average person. However, the ability to retain knowledge or speak on it eloquently are not the only standards by which a person's intelligence is judged. A person who is less capable of memorizing but more capable of using information to complete work or meet a goal might be considered more intelligent than I because of how he or she has made an impact on the world.
    If I were better than just memorizing information, I imagine I would be out there in the world affecting change, but instead I am here in my element, where no one might benefit, but certainly my skills at argument and memorization of facts and figures are more useful.

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