• Yes I would.

    I like women. And if the woman likes other women, that's another thing we have in common. That can only make us a better match, right? Plus, if she's doing girls, she's probably going to be more open to a three way. I would personally love a MFF three way sometime. So yes, I would definitely date a chick that digs dudes and chicks. Giggity. God bless America, thank you for reading.

  • If she's sharing, HELLS YEAH

    "if I had a million dollars, I'd have 2 chicks at the same time. Chicks dig a guy with money."

    - Office Space, 1999

    You only live once, a 3 way should be on your bucket list...I mean, so long as its all consenting or otherwise well paid adults, its not harming anyone.

  • Well considering I'm bisexual...

    Yeah I would. Why keep making a big deal out of it though? You guys hardly even care,and generally discriminate. It's not even Christians I'm talking about. At least they're honest. It's the atheists who publicly support me and privately leave me to dry that piss me off so much. Nice f***ing job guys.

  • Why Not. As long as they are honest and loyal while in the relationship.

    First and foremost I would have a better chance with them than with any one else. Sadly to many women have a problem with guys like me. Being a member of the transgender community I am more open to things than some people. As long as she accepted me as I am I would have no problem.

  • Why Wouldn't I?

    Bisexual does not mean that you want both as in the same time, it just means that you attracted to both. Someone can be in a committed relationship in spite of this fact. Also, that picture represents the idea that they can't be and shows that you belong with the idiot masses.

  • Of Course I Would

    As Long As A Person Is Attractive, They Have A Lot Of The Same Political Beliefs As I Do, They Don't Have A Criminal Record (Crimes Against Another Person), Is Kind, & Is Smart I Would Have No Problem Dating Them, But If They're Ugly, If They're Mean, If They Have A Criminal Record (Crimes Against Another Person) & Dumb Then I Would Not Date Them.

  • Could be more fun

    I actually, already have dated a bisexual, and had zero issues with it at all. Some people look at being with the same gender the exact form of cheating, but I personally disagree. I think being with a bisexual woman, could lead to more interesting sexual experiences in the future.

  • I've dated other bisexuals in the past.

    Bisexual does not mean that a person is promiscuous or into three ways- it just means we can be attracted to either gender. The fact that I can be attracted to men OR women does not mean I sleep with all of them or am not loyal to a partner. My husband and I have been married for ten years, together for fourteen- I have never and would never cheat on him with anyone.

    Plus, we can totally use the same porn and drool over the same actresses in movies.

  • Of course I would

    I can never quite understand why someone who is bisexual or gay are looked down upon and hated so much by society. They're human and bleed red just like you and me. Regardless of their attraction to their peers. Who cares honestly. If they're happy then let them be happy, why people have to bud in on everyone else's lives is beyond me. A person is just that, a person. They have feelings just like you. Give them a break for petes sake.

  • No, I would not.

    You're risk of getting AIDS is much higher. As a female, I would not want my guy sticking his penis in a butt, than having sex with me. I don't want AIDS. Guys are dirty. Why would I want to give oral sex to a guy who is F***ING A guy?

  • I would not.

    Well reason one, the ultimate deciding factor, is that if they are actively bisexual, they cannot be true believers in Christ. The only time a Christian could be remotely gay is if they are struggling with the lust, but still repent of the sin and really have a heart to remove it. Then and only then would I do so perhaps. And yeah btw I only would date a believer. Another reason is because theres a bigger chance for aids.

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