Would you date a father that abandoned his kid & chose to not take care of it financially/emotionally & nothing was in his way?

Asked by: Elfquest
  • Men don't have a choice

    If a woman gets pregnant, she has three options; keep the child, adopt the child away, or abortion. Regardless of the choice the woman makes, it is politically incorrect to think negatively about it. It's her body, her choice.

    However, the father of that child can only wait and see what the mother decides to do and the results of her decision are forced upon him. If he didn't want the child, he is now forced by law to be financially responsible for that child. And, if he decides that he doesn't want anything to do with this child, not only can be publicly ridiculed and called names like "dead beat" or "sperm donor", he can even be jailed for not taking care of a child that he didn't want but was forced to have.

    It is because of this reason that I don't think it's fair to judge a man that isn't taking care of a child.

    If you would date a woman that aborted or gave a child up for adoption, you should date a man forced into the opposite situation.

  • No! This argument is a cop out

    When you have sex you know what the risks are, period! Why should a woman have to bear the brunt of what can happen as a result of sex?
    If you do not want children then you can get a vasectomy and stop your seed from spreading( even then men have been known to still get a woman pregnant)If you go and have sex without protection and the girl you had sex with gets pregnant then you are 50% responsible for creating that child. If you use protection and it fails you still knew what the risks were. You knew what could happen and there it is. It can be emotionally scarring to have an abortion or to put the child up for adoption. It is the woman's body that has to deal with carrying and giving birth, that is just the way it is.So if the choice is made to have a child why should the woman be the only one to step up?
    If you don't want children keep it in your pants or get snipped, but do not run away from the life you helped to create. If you want to make excuses as to why you shouldn't have to step up for something you helped do then you shouldn't be having sex! Make any excuse you want but if you have a child you take no responsibility for you are not a man, you are scum. The same goes for moms who take no responsibility for their children too. No one forced you to have sex, no one forced you to take that risk. Unless you are some giant moron you know a baby can result from sex.
    If you do not want to be in the child's life fine, that is your loss, but you should be helping out financially. You help create it, you help support it.

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