Would you date a person of a different ethnic group?

  • It's just ethnicity.

    It's not a must that you tend to anyone outside of your ethnic group, but anything in moderation is fine, including variation. Also, ethnicity denotes the combinations of nationality, origin and culture, so as long as there's harmony, differences don't have to be dead ends. My argument is founded upon what 'ethnicity' means.

    noun: ethnicity; plural noun: ethnicities
    the fact or state of belonging to a social group that has a common national or cultural tradition.
    "the interrelationship between gender, ethnicity, and class"

  • Yes, I would date outside of my ethnicity.

    Yes, I believe that love is colorblind. That is why, in the past, people have worked so hard to pass laws that made it illegal to date someone who's not of your own race. We can't decide who we fall in love with and that makes it a problem for some people with biases toward individuals of certain groups.

  • Yes, I Would

    During my dating years I did date people from different ethnic groups. I'm not concerned with the color of a persons skin, it solely depends on how the person looks to me and rather or not I'm attracted to them. Being a certain ethnicity is not part of the test.

  • Yes, I would date a person of different ethnic group.

    I believe that dating a person of different ethnic group can definitely enritch you, You can learn a lot from her or him. Moreover, dading and a partnership between two different ethnic group is very important for next development of human society and humankind itself. In addition to that you can meet new culture, new customs and different lifestyle.

  • Yes, I would date any ethnic group

    Variety and uniqueness within the human race is a beautiful thing and should be celebrated. People from different ethnic groups have varying experiences that can open us up to new and exciting viewpoints. Dating someone from a different ethnic group is no different than dating someone from a different state or county.

  • It is fun.

    Yes, I would date a person of a different ethnic group, because it is important to get to know people of all different ethnic groups. Most of the time, especially if the person lives in the same city, you have more in common than you have differences. By dating lots of different people, you can learn what you want.

  • It is not definitively no, but I most likely won't.

    I wasn't sure how to answer this. I know my own response, but I wasn't sure whether it belonged in the "yes" or "no" category. I WOULD date someone of a different ethnicity/race if I was attracted to them, however, I predict myself mostly dating within my own ethnic group. Dating someone from a different cultural background would be an interesting experience, but it depends on the individual and their heritage. Let's say I'm not definitively against dating someone from a different "ethnic group;" however, I don't see it occurring often.

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