• Everyone Deserves Love

    All to relevant has dating people who have children become more socially acceptable. This is a question based of ones morals, ad how they were raised. Some people would never even entertain the idea, but to me. Love can be found in the most unexpected places, not everyone is able to open their hearts, but I'd like to see the over all opinion on the subject.

  • Kids or no kids it doesn't matter.

    I would date someone who has 3 children. I love kids so that would not affect me whatsoever. If I have some sort of romantic connection with that person, I would date them with even more kids. I have a daughter myself so we would be one big happy family.

  • I'm too young for that

    I'm 19 years old and am not looking to be anyone's stepdaddy. I am terrible with little kids and don't like them much, and would have to pass on dating parents, at least at this point in my life. Maybe down the road a bit it may be more likely, or if the kids were older, maybe I'd be okay with that, but I would prefer not dating parents alltogether.

  • Maybe, it depends

    If they were divorced, probably not. If they were widowed, maybe. But three kids is a lot of kids. And I think I want kids of my own. Though I won't rule it out, I'll say probably not. Fifty words is a lot of words to type. Aint it though?

  • I just can't

    I'm not with the momma drama. I don't want to take care of kids that are not mine half the time, because they are over at their dad's. I won't even date one with one child. It's against my expectations and if it didn't work with the woman who has his kids then it probably won't work with me.

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