• Family Matter of Psychology, Not Biology

    Absolutely I would date a woman with three children. Family is a matter of psychology and not biology. If the relationship gets serious, I would treat her children as my own. Everyone has bridge under the water and past issues we need to deal with. Children are a blessing from God, not a burden for single women.

  • Yes, Don't Judge People

    Yes I would! If I was in love with her and we got along, her kids wouldn't be a deal breaker for me. Actually, I think it would be kind of nice to be a step-parent. It shows that the woman already cares a lot about her family and is taking good care of her children. We shouldn't discriminate based on people's pasts!

  • No way in any universe

    Their is no way in any galatic effn universe would i date a women with kids. 1 Their will be a time wherei am gonna have to deal with the ex. 2 Why would i take over someone elses dam responsibilitys. 3 She has some emotional damage. I dont care how harsh this sounds. But if you couldnt keep your first mirrage together. Neither should you get married again and land up in the same dam situation where kids get hurt. If your gonna have kids and mirrage own up to your fuckin problems and mistakes and work it fuckin out.

  • Women with kids by other men are undesirable. Sorry if I offend.

    Harsh but that's the way it is. I don't think I should be shamed into thinking otherwise. I was sensible in my life. It's not my job to clear up another man's mess, and I do not have to be compelled to spend my hard earned cash playing happy families to kids I never asked for. I don't want kids, so why would I want to burden myself with anyone else's? I have a choice, and I'll take it thanks.

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