• I Would Date Azis

    I would definitely date Aziz Ansari. I have watched couple of the Parks and Recreation series and consider him an attractive and entertaining date. A guy with a crush on comedy and stand-up show and interests in charity is worth to get acquainted and have some fun. May be I will have the chance of my life to meet and speak with a real film star about my aspirations of movie career and receive some first-hand helpful tips how to pursue them.

  • Yes, I would date Aziz Ansari!

    Yes, dating Aziz Ansari would definitely be an option for me. First of all, ladies love a sense of humor! No one can say that Aziz Ansari lacks a fantastic sense of humor. He has starred in one of my favorite shows, Parks and Recreation! I am positive that we could find plenty to talk about with that commonality alone.

  • I would not date Aziz Ansari.

    I would not date him because he is not at all my type. I am more into the tall brooding type of guy. I mean don't get me wrong, he would be great to have as a friend. He is funny and charming. He is just not someone that I would consider ever dating.

  • I don't think so.

    I am a strait guy, so no. But that being said, everyone has an appreciation for looks regardless of sex. But Aziz, no way. I just don't think I am in to that type of look from the world. I prefer light skinned, blue eyed women, and no from experience that most women like that, don't like men like him.

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