Would you date the meanest but prettiest girl in the world? (Yes), Or ugliest but nicest girl in the world? (No)

  • Looks mean too much to me

    Yes I know I’m gonna regret making this decision but I really can’t stand a woman’s ugly looks and I just get taken by the woman’s pretty face and don’t care if she treats me bad because of her looks. I mean at least I wouldn’t have to bleach my eyes or anything!

  • I'd prefer the nice and ugly woman.

    Ugly girls need love too.
    Not sure what nice in this case is, So i'll give it my personal interpretation. If the woman is generally pleasant to be around and has a sense of humor, Is loving and caring and loyal in a real way and happens to embrace traditional woman/ family roles. . . . Then i would not just date her i'd marry her.

    Looks fade, But i could build a family and grow old together happily.

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