• I would have too

    If I was given the choice to die, or let another person die then I would. I would find it incredibly hard to live everyday knowing that an innocent person has died so that I could live. Of course, if it were someone like Hitler or Osama Bin Laden replacing the innocent stranger, then I would not die for them, because I would pull the trigger on them if I got the chance. But I have always said that I would die if it meant another person living.

    I realise that this is probably a rarely said statement, I would like to see what the majority of people think.

    Would you die for a stranger? Who would you die for?

  • The value of life

    I have to help. Have to. I do not go out of my way to hangout at the food-pantry or volunteer.

    But if someone, Anyone, Asked me for help. . . If i perceived them in need of help. . . My heart, My mind, Everything that makes 'me' me screams- Help them, Save them. . . So yeah, I'll die for them. Of course I can push it aside- but why should I? How is it right for me to ignore someone else's suffering, Someone who -for all I know could invent the next big cure, Or who has seven kids depending on them, Or who funds a charity or helps at a food bank. . . Everyone has value, Every little spark of life means something. And me, My value? My value is the willingness to toss it all aside for that single stranger. . . Because what's wrong with saving someone?

  • Yes, I would.

    If it was someone like Hitler I wouldn’t see myself getting in line to save his ass. If it was a regular dude I would definitely die for that person, not because I like them just because it’s the right thing to do. I know many people would say “it’s easy to say this stuff but when it comes down to it you wouldn’t” but I seriously would. And it’s not like I’m like Hannah Baker or some shiz, I live a pretty happy life, but I would never be able to continue that happy life if I knew I could have saved someones life.

  • Well it’s right

    Well it is really the right thing to do to die for a helpless person but I wouldn’t because it is just to scary ok I’m sorry but it is to scary but I love all you kind selfless people but one day I will be selfish I promise I do

  • I would die for anyone, even Hitler or Ben Laden.

    I would die for anyone that has ever lived. I know if I let anyone else die I would live the rest of my life regretting it. I'd die with the hope that whoever I saved would realize their importance and live a wonderful, meaningful life. Also, I don't think their is a more noble way to die than to die for another. Even a horrible person like Hitler would, in my opinion, be worth my life. I believe that absolutely everything happens for a reason, so I would save Hitler. I truly love everyone, as horrible as they may be, so I would die for literally anyone.

  • A good way to die.

    I guess I have a hero complex, but dying protecting someone else? Sounds like a good way to die if you ask me. We all want to be remembered, wouldn't you want to be remembered as the person who saved even just one person? It's through memory we live forever.

  • Yes, I would.

    I don't know if it's because I have a low opinion of myself, but I believe many people have a much greater chance to have a positive impact in the world than I do. Especially if I knew for a fact this was a good person, regardless if I knew them personally, I would not hesitate to trade places with them if their life was threatened. Actually I have wished for this opportunity to present itself. Maybe I'm really curious about when happens when we die, or maybe I just want to actually do something useful with my life.

  • I would do my best to save anyone.

    No one deserves to die, I would jump in front of a car to push someone aside but i wouldn't wait aroung to then get hit by a car. If it was a choice between me or someone else dieing i think i would do it because then ill have done something right in my life. I WILL HAVE SAVED SOMEONE! That is one of those things you''ll be happy to die with.

  • I'm a coward, but I accept it.

    Most people don't want to die.
    I certainly don't want to die.

    Granted, 'they' probably don't want to die either, but, when it comes down to it, I think I'd have to put myself first, either way if someone's going to die, why should that someone be me?

    And there's certainly no guarantee that they'd see things any differently.
    'course, the crippling guilt would come back to bite me afterwards, but that's natural.
    That's human.

  • I'll admit that I'm selfish.

    I don't think it's wrong to put our own life in front of other people's. Granted, you will probably feel guilty about it your whole life, but at least you still have a life. It is very unfair to die for a stranger. What makes her or his life more valuable or worthy than yours?

  • I'm Not a Hero

    I'm an innocent guy, and this proposed stranger is an innocent guy. So either way, an innocent guy is going to die.

    If I live, I'll feel like crap about it.

    If the other dude lives, he'll feel like crap about it via survivor's guilt.

    That, and I'd be too scared to lay my life down for a stranger.

  • Not until I'm 65

    I value my own life. Although that individual could be better than me in any quantifiable way (nicer, Donates more to charity, Etc. ), My lack of believe in an afterlife makes me want to stay alive. After 65, I'll probably be sore and crotchety so I'd die to save that someone.

  • Defeatist nonsense. Absolutely NOT.

    For family yes i'll die for them but for a stranger. That ain't it chief. This is the reality we live in. Survival of the fittest. If you can't play ball then i'm sorry. The strong survive and the weak perish. If people choose to sacrifice themselves for the weak then what can I say? Darwinism at work.

  • Defeatist bullshit. Of course NOT.

    I'd die for my family sure but why on earth would I take myself out for a stranger? Someone I don't even know? People die every day whether it's a accidental workplace death or by suicide it's nothing new. It's the world we've grown accustomed to and unfortunately it will remain that way.

  • Yeah, I'm selfish

    In the heat of the moment, i would not save anyone, not my mom, not my siblings, not my dad, i'm a coward, always been one. The guilt would probably drive me to suicide, but i still would not save them. My sister thinks I cant feel anything because i told her, she doesnt understand the flight responce i guess, even though she has it herself

  • Does innocence equate to more worthy to live?

    Life has been always about survival of the fittest. As in the one that makes the best of the system. Innocence is a moral issue. So if you asking would I die for morality. Then definitely no. Morality it's a very wishy washy subject. As what is morally right to one is wrong to another. I see those who say they will, put emphasis on it making them feel good. That is not saving because innocence dictates another life is more worthy. That is pyschological egoism. If saving someone made them feel disgusted they would not. As said, in one of the pro replies. If hitler were dieing, they wouldn't save him. So it's a biased view. If all life is sacred hitler or ghandhi. All should be saved, The Batman dilemma.

    I personally wouldn't if the reason is just innocence. If a neutral view such as all life is equal. Then sure, I would if I am capable to do so. Like giving a bandage from my bag, it doesn't hurt me in anyway. However taking out an organ as an example. I wouldn't, it's not worth the trouble. The most important of all is if the person wants to die or not. If they do. By all means go ahead. Especially the an irrational reason. Those who have the will to survive should live and will live. Those who don't too bad. That's how nature has always worked.

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rja7 says2014-02-08T01:59:01.977
A lot of variables to consider.Most people that perform heroic actions probably think they can get out unscathed."I think I can get that girl out of that burning building quick enough "so you risk your life for that person.But replace that girl with a 90year old and most people probably subconsciously in the blink of an eye think "it Sucks but hes lived a full life and I haven't yet "..Or if a grenade fell next to you and 5 other random adults,most peoples first instinct would be to run.But replace those 5 adults with 5 kids and you would have a lot more heroism.
knightj says2014-02-08T11:45:05.197
The reason that I said yes is because I would find it hard to live with the guilt. I never want to die for nothing, but now, I could die for something. I don't know about other people but I wouldn't be bothered about being remembered as a hero; I'd just be glad about dying for a good cause.

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