• You already do

    Water is not created from feces, it is separated from feces. And you already do.

    In the remainder of my time, I would like to comment on why the word requirement is absurd. Some points may be made rather quickly. Like this one. Less really can be more, you know.

  • Why not, right?

    We drink water everyday, not even knowing where it came from. But we're still healthy. I don't think the scientists or the people working at the water stations would just pump waters onto our pipes. They would make sure that what we drink is safe. I would drink it because Bill Gates did, and as far as I know there are no reports that he got sick because of it.

  • Drinking water created from any source should not be a debate.

    This depends on the quality of water and the end product after filtration. If the water was filtered to purity then it would make sense to drink it if there were no alternatives. The water content of feces probably does not justify the means of filtering it out because of all the contaminants.

  • If Bill Gates can drink it, why can't i

    I don't know how it tastes, but one thing for sure:It's really safe. If the idea can spread out the whole world, it'll help many people.But before someone drinks that kind of water, i don't believe letting he/she knows he/she is drinking fluid made from the dirts is a good idea=)))))

  • That's just gross.

    There's no way that I could trust that water created from feces could ever by truly safe. Feces is waste. It contains so many different types of bacteria. There is no way that science could ever treat feces enough to ever get the water safe enough to drink without getting diseases.

  • No, I will not drink water created from feces.

    I cannot even think of drinking water created from feces. Though they steam and filter using hi-tech power plant it is still made from another man's trash which I cannot even look at let alone drink that stuff. Moreover I am not sure how safe will it be for me if I have to drink water made from human trash.

  • Natural water only

    Who is creating water from feces? I have not heard about this, but if this opportunity was presented to me, I would absolutely not try it, for no amount of money would I change my mind to try it. I use Brita filters for my tap water and that's what I drink.

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