• I would eat genetically modified food

    Genetically modified food is already available commercially every where and removal from food distribution services is nearly impossible. I have eaten food in public that was genetically modified, therefore, I would eat genetically modified foods. I personally have no power in the elimination of the science or its products, but there are no scientifically proven effects that are potentially fatal, so there is little reason to worry over the unknown and not preventable.

  • I have no choice

    At this point the question shouldn't be, would I eat genetically modified food because I already am. Genetically modified food is everywhere, it is almost impossible to avoid it. If I could reasonably avoid eating genetically modified food without paying a large amount of money then yes, I would avoid eating it. Unfortunately since everything we eat has been modified at some point or another then I am afraid I will continue eating it with the rest of the world.

  • No I would be disgusted

    I would absolutely not eat anything that is genetically modified in fear of not knowing exactly what it means for one. Second I would imagine it means adding some sort of enhancement chemical that does who knows what that I would just much rather stick to traditional food that comes directly from the earth.

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