Would you eat less meat to help prevent climate change?

  • I would eat less meat.

    The UN has calculated that roughly 18 percent of greenhouse gas emissions are caused by animal farming, especially beef--more than is caused by transportation. Exchanging meat for vegetables is not only a more organic choice for the environment, but has more health benefits for individuals as well. Would definitely make that change.

  • I think it is not a suitable reason for climate changes

    Because the change in climate is mainly by global warming. And the reasons of global warming is because of factories and gastric release. And for sure eating less meat won't prevent from global warming, and it does affect agriculture but doesn't mean that only me who eat less for preventing climate change will affect the whole entire population of animals.

  • I would never eat less meat

    No, I would not eat less meat in order to lessen climate change since climate change is not real. I do not think that climate change is hapening, and I would not want to eat less meat to promote something I believe is not even real. Human beings need meat in order to survive.

  • I would not eat less meat to help prevent climate change.

    Climate change is caused by car emissions and coal factories, not by animal farms. I do not believe that eating tofu instead of meat for a single meal is going to have a significant effect on the environment. No matter what I eat, it will use oil to get from the farm to the market, my refrigerator, and my plate.

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