• Would I vote for Jewish person for President?

    I would have no rational reason not too.
    I remember that many people thought voting a catholic into the office would be a puppet for the Pope. Pres. Kennedy proven them wrong.
    The best person for the job is what should matter.
    My criteria would be is a successful Governor, then a Successful CEO, then a Senator and lastly a House Representative.

  • Well I mean let's assume I lived in America...

    Since I live in Canada I can't really elect a president haha, (nor am I old enough) but ofcourse. As long as they were right. I would elect anyone as long as they had the most convincing arguments, and seemed to be doing the good. Sorry if my text seems kinda jumbled up, I didn't really type this at the same time as I began typing this.

  • I am trying to elect one now!

    I am currently supporting Bernie Sanders for President and he is Jewish. The fact that he is jewish doesn't impact my view of him. He is a staunch progressive and that is why I support him.
    If he loses the Primary then I am going to support Jill Stein who also happens to be Jewish

  • Elect a Jewish president.

    No I Would not. Read your history. Jews always work behind the scenes. They were kicked out of every country they settled in for the last 1000 years. 95 % of today's Jews are Askenazi. Not really ancient Israelis. They know all of this in Israel where there is a great divide.The Askenazi run Israel today.

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