• I would become a foster parent.

    I would become a foster parent. If I had the means to be able to support a child then I would see nothing wrong with helping a child out. They all need to have a roof over their heads just like the rest of us. I think it would be great to do it.

  • Yes I would love to be a foster parent one day.

    Once my two biological sons are grown and on their own, I would love to become a foster parent. We would not be able to do it now due to space and money constraints. However, some day, it's a goal of mine to be a foster parent. I think the rewards from helping a child in crisis far outweigh the difficulties you can encounter.

  • Yes, I would.

    I would become a foster parent, but I would want to become the child's parent at a very young age. The reason for this is because it's hard to get that parental bond with a child after the age of 5-6. My girlfriend's daughter is 11, and I guarantee she will never call me dad.

  • No, I would never become a foster parent.

    I would never become a foster parent, at least not if that is the extent of my involvement with the child. Children in foster care often have difficult childhoods and are problematic for the families that take them in. Of course, it is a self-fulfilling prophecy to say that I wouldn't become a foster parent because foster children have bad childhoods - of course that is the case if no one in a loving home will take them in! I would only become a foster parent if it were the first step in adopting the child. I could not deal with being a mere way station in children's lives.

  • I don't want kids

    I think becoming a foster parent is a very noble undertaking and people who do so should be commended. At the same time, parenting is not for me. I know, and have known, for quite awhile that I would not enjoy having a child, and this same thing extends to fostering kids.

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