• Yes count me in

    Why not get a tattoo . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. . . . .. .. . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . .. .. . .

  • Most likely, I want to get one.

    Probably something I believe in or feel strongly about. Nothing to outrageous or on a limb or body part that won't let me get a job. But yeah no problem having something I believe printed on me for life. I don't mind needle sensations either. But I'll wait until I leave home or in my 20s

  • Yes, of course

    Tattoos aren't for everyone. Since its my choice, I would absolutely get a tattoo, more than one tattoo. Tattoos portray how you feel, it expresses your personality, and isn't something to be taken lightly. With that said, I would get a tattoo not because I think it'll be cool, or something like that,but because it will portray my message to the world and whether that message changes or not, it shows that I'm growing. I think tattoos are an art form and it would be an absolute pleasure for me to have one.

  • Yes, you bet!

    I would absolutely consider getting a tattoo, but please don't mention that to my parents! Tattoos are a really interesting and versatile method of self-expression. The key is to keep in mind a tattoo will last a lot longer than hair dye or adventurous makeup. A good tattoo should have both long-term personal significance and artistic value. It also helps to keep in mind how your body shape will change as you get older. And a tattoo should always, always, be located in a spot you can easily cover with clothing if you choose.

  • Yes, I sure would.

    When done well, tattoos can be really neat! I've never had one, but I know a few friends who have. I would have no objection to getting a small, discreet, tasteful tattoo. My only problem is I'm too indecisive. I can't decide which tattoo I would want, and I definitely wouldn't get one until I was absolutely sure.

  • No, I wouldn't consider getting a tattoo.

    I have never considered getting a tattoo. My sons have them, I have a lot of friends that have them, but it was never for me. I have a lot of friends who regret getting tattooed, were drunk when they got theirs, got them impulsively without a lot of deliberation. But me, no thank you. Go poke holes in someone else.

  • Why put a bumper sticker on a Ferrari?

    I value my body too much to turn into a canvas for "expression" of whatever I think I'm into at the time. I truly don't get it. If you want to memorialize a relative, that's a nice thought but if you're a follower of scripture it tells us to never mark ourselves with images of the dead.. I don't judge people with tattoos because I could care less what they do to their own body voluntarily, but never mine. These idiots getting sleeved head to toe are gonna look fabulous by 40... 60? Whew, sagging skulls and wilting roses. It's more unique to not have one now.

  • I wouldn't - I don't like the idea of staining my skin

    I have nothing against people who want / have tattoos, but personally I wouldn't ever want one. I have a strange fear of getting anything on my skin, so I don't want ink on it. I don't know why, I've just never liked the idea of having something like a tattoo on my skin.

  • Not In This Lifetime

    My interests are constantly changing. It would be hard for me to find anything that I'd want on my body forever. I also like to change up my look a lot. I'm a bit of a free spirit. I don't want anything to tie me down. Plus, if you ever want to get it removed...Ouch!

  • No way not ever

    A tattoo is permanent but very little else about our personalities are. If we like something at 20 who is to say we will like the same thing or person at 60, but we are stuck with it if we tattoo it to our skin.

    Tattoos are very difficult, painful and expensive to remove.

    Tattoos can also portray a negative self image to many people and affect you ability to do things like gain employment.

  • No Tattoos for Me!

    There are no circumstances in which I would ever consider getting a tattoo. I respect the tattoo artists and the people out there that get them, but there is simply no image or word that I would want to be permanently on my body. Tastes, interests and styles, etc, as well as skin change as people grow older and I also don't have any interest in voluntary needles.

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