Would you ever live in Southern California?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Oh absolutely yes.

    Once you're in the coastal suburban areas between San Diego and Los Angeles, and as long as you're in a fairly low crime rate, but not next to the ocean or on the edge of any steep terrains, I wouldn't mind living there. The weather is beautiful, people are friendly, beaches are pleasant, there are lots of attractions nearby such as Disneyland, SeaWorld, Knott's Berry Farm, Hollywood, and even the sites, lots of public transportation like Coaster, MetroLink, San Diego's Trolleys, MTS (San Diego), Breezer and Sprinter, freeways are not as confusing as I first thought because I realize that the exits on the left side are for HOV lanes only, and the regular ones are on the right side, etc. Also, buildings there can handle earthquakes because steel beams support them from collapsing. There are like, six airports, that we can go to (San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Long Beach, John Wayne, Burbank). Moreover, I live in Long Island, New York, and when I was in California, I feel like I have more freedom in SoCal than in NY. Lastly, prices in SoCal are not as bad as you may think, unlike in Long Island.

  • I've grown up & lived there.

    Not sure what Adam2 is on about but Whites/Puritans are among the minority in SoCal. Lived in El Cajon & Rancho San Diego now run by mostly Chaldeans & Point Loma when in military (San Diego County), Huntington Beach (Orange County) had many Asians, Riverside (Riverside County), Chino famous for the prison (San Bernardino County) and Lakewood & Paramount (Los Angeles County) for nine months to include the time during the Los Angeles riot.
    Reasons why I won't live there again: Whites are a minority and are usually uber rich, I'm not. During the L.A. Riots, whites where FIFTH down the list of "majority" and if one didn't speak Spanish, you might as well, forget about getting a receptionist or other low level entry job. It is not a safe place to live or grow up. Living in SoCal is one of the reasons I went into the military - at least I know who my enemies were. The ones who are not violent are mostly plastic and false (not true to their words). There is a lot of worth placed on looks instead of intelligence there.
    So not many Puritans but Hollywood is owned by the Jews (no hate just facts).

  • Land of Puritans and the KKK

    If you think the South is bad (though Tennessee is in equal footing with the following) go to Southern California. It's every anti-autistic and anti-tomboy person's dreamland. It's pure elitism, bullying and all kinds of horrible things. Being there makes me want to punch someone in the mouth. It's pure hatred pure and simple. And the creator of Hollywood was a puritan. I believe Hollywood is better off taking a non-puritan approach. Enough of the hatred of tomboys who prefer guy friends and hatred of autistics already.

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