Would you ever move into a house in which there was a murder or suicide?

  • I bought a home where a suicide occurred.

    We fell inlove with such a beautiful home where the original owners lived for 30 years. The man got old, Lost all his retirement thanks to United Airlines, And shot himself in the backyard. Husband and I talked about it and thought what a shame that one tragic event in 30 years might stop this home from ever having a happy family live there again. We decided it didn't matter and moved in. Haven't regretted it once! Beautiful home and full of new happy memories.

  • Absolutely, YES, I WOULD!

    Guess what? Maybe there is no murder in your house but what about molestation and/or years of abuse? Far more evil in my mind than a one-time crime of murder. If you eliminated all the houses that were full of evil deeds in their past, you'd end up with very few houses to choose from. Buy the house you want and fill it with all the love that Heaven will allow. What happened in the past is in the past.

  • Yes I would

    Everybody dies. Who gives a shit if it happened in a particular house or not. I discovered a man that had been killed at the end of my driveway a few years ago and I live in the country. I don't give it a second thought.. Maybe if a murder house was bombarded my tourists invading my privacy then I might think twice.

  • I would love to!

    I would want to see through the eyes of a killer, or a victim. Trust I don't want to die or kill, I just want to be around it. I have no clue why I'm like this, but it would be so intense especially if there were still blood stains! Why this excites me is beyond me.

  • Looking for a murder house

    For some reason I am drawn to death and I would love to see what a killer saw everyday and it would be even better if their were still blood stains where it happened! I know I'm weird like that. I would never promote murder, I just want to feel what they feel. Trust I don't want to die or murder, just feel closer to it.

  • What's the big deal?

    I would definitely move into a house where a murder or suicide had occurred. If someone had killed themselves in it, then what does that have to do with my safety? That person had to have had something wrong with them mentally. As for the murder part, my biggest concern would be moving into the house, and maybe another murderer would feel the need to come and kill me. Just because a house had a history of a murder or suicide, doesn't mean I'll have the same situation.

  • If it's a better deal compared to other homes in the neighborhood.

    I fail the see the issue. People did lots of things in the house, and ownership adds family wealth. The only issue is really if it's a high crime area, or if there's a smell.

    Granted it would be another matter if there were a serial killer stalking every home owner, or some other b-movie plot.

  • Yes I would

    I would move into a house if there was a murder or suicide. You probably thing I would be crazy. But the only reason I would is because, I wouldn't want to know that it Happened. They probably wouldn't even tell you because most likely the house wouldn't sell. Thats What I think.

  • Yes and No. But mostly No.

    This happened to me. I bought a nice little house, didn't really think about doing research on it's history, and within the first few weeks of living there found out that it was site of a pretty grisly murder. Needless to say, it was an experience. I am typically drawn to the strange, love having unique experiences, and part of me found the experience to be somewhat insightful in an odd way. Got me to thinking about the nature of life and death, the history of things and places and my own beliefs on spirituality/religion, etc. I can't say I ever overtly experienced anything related to a haunting but I must say that the place had what I describe as a "presence" to it. It was odd. Not good, not bad, just something. Even before I knew the history I kind of had that feeling, even from the first time I stepped into the place when I went to the first showing. Had I known about the history of the place I would have probably passed on it. Not really out of fear of anything ghostly, but this would cross my mind a lot probably. I think it was mostly the experience of just knowing what had happened. Natural death wouldn't bother me, but when you are hanging around a place and you know exactly where something really terrible happened it just stays in the back of your mind. At least it did for me. I have no doubt there are those who wouldn't think twice about these kinds of things and could easily forget about it, for me it would be an issue due to my overactive imagination. I think all states should require disclosure on these things, but all don't.

  • The past will haunt you

    As many of us move in to a new place we dont realize that we might actually live in a house with a weird background. A death, murder or any other tragedy. Thanks to our technology today we can look at a houses past events. If I knew that a house once was a crime scene of a murder I would with no doubt take that house out of my options. I wouldnt feel at peace knowing someone lost their life there in a terrible way. I would feel likes its presence is around the house because they were killed against their will. I would be afraid at night and have nightmares or even start hearing and seeing strange things.

  • Not at rest yet.

    The reason a person comitted suiside at that house is because they were depressed and it is highly likely that that depression can flow into the after life and they would be not a very good house guest while I would be living there. As for murders it is also likely that they were killed and would try to protect their families in the after life, but their spirt would be limited to the house so you would, yet again, have a haunted house.

  • I would feel upset.

    I would not. I don't want to have to think about that every time I come home. I don't want to know that someone has died where I live. It would make me extremely uncomfortable and I would not feel okay in my own house. I would never live somewhere like that.

  • They would creep me out.

    No, I do not think that I could ever move into a house in which there was a murder or suicide. I don't necessarily believe in ghosts or even a house being haunted, but it would still be incredibly creepy. Plus, I would think about it all the time and it might end up driving me insane.

  • I wouldn't feel comfortable.

    Clearly, some people will move into these houses, and I don't think there's anything wrong with doing so, per se. If you feel comfortable with it, that is your choice. However, I wouldn't feel okay with it. The subject disturbs me too much. I would be thinking about it the entire time I lived in that home.

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