Would you ever work as a cashier at McDonald's?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Take any job you can get

    If you're young, any job is very valuable to get in the real world. Saying yes to opportunity is key! At least if you're working at McDonald's you have a job! Some of your friends may laugh at you, but at least you're earning money, and they don't even have an income, right?

  • Money Caching Caching

    As a young lad with few to no expenses or taxes, I can enjoy a fine 8.15$ an hour working at mcdonalds as money well earned. That's a lot of money for someone of my age with little care. So, I serve a couple burgers and call it a day. Unfortunately, I'm lazy, and enjoy mooching off of others until I get start up money for investing. (Life plan = set)

  • That is so hip-hoppery, so benieth me

    I'll be a cashier at Publix, or Target or even a hardware store of a friend. Not McDonald's. That is like the nastiest and most vile kinda job anyone can get. No siree. Food is disgusting and that kinda job is equally disgusting! I'll be a cashier at a store, or even a normal restaurant!

  • No Way, No Way

    First of all : Adam2, I think you put your response in the wrong category.

    Anyway, McDonald's goes against everything I stand for. It's terrible for the planet and your health to eat there. They are known to boil chickens alive. They support food monopolies. They have no vegetarian food, and that is where my band bus eats. That point has very little to do with it, but McDonald's forces me to eat french fries for dinner every weekend for three months. Ew.

    Bottom line, McDonald's is part of the reason for a fundamentally flawed America. I wouldn't work there same reason I wouldn't work at WalMart.

  • Never ... Unless I made more than $10 an hour.

    I already have a decent job as a museum docent. As a highschooler, this is more than enough money for me to enjoy myself. But if I got offered say $20 or above an hour, money is money. 'Course I personally only enjoy their fries and sandwiches on occasion (every lunch break pretty much).

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