Would you exploit a mind control drug if it existed?

  • It would be hard to resist

    Even if you claim you are doing it for the right reasons - to avoid war, protect life, end hunger, it's still not the right thing to do. Subjugating another person's will is wrong. However I can't imagine anyone who had access to such a thing would be able to avoid the temptation to use it.

  • I would definitely exploit a mind control drug if it existed. I would use it every way I could to get ahead in life.

    I would definitely exploit a mind control drug if it existed. I would use it every way I could to get ahead
    in life. I would meet billionaires and
    convince them to give me millions as a gift with no strings attached. I would convince the most beautiful women in
    the world to fall in love with me.

  • All that power

    I think that a lot of human conscience is ego-driven, and to deny our most animalistic urges, impulses, and desires is wishful thinking. True happiness for people seems to come from the exploitation of others and selfish greed, as unfortunate as it is to admit. I am no different, if I had the ability to control the minds of others and enhance my own mental capabilities, I would do it in a heartbeat. Don't think many people would choose differently.

  • I would only request that I may be allowed to live among the "puppet masters"...

    ...In that I can't have real relationships with the "meat puppets" because their thoughts, opinions, sense of selves are not real, or can't be assumed so. The drug controls everything and there is nothing I or anyone else can do about it. It is like trying to control methamphetamines. No one (the gov't) can control that, so how could they catch this? I just want a life that can't be destroyed by nefarious outsiders controlling me (or esp. Those around me, like my work manager or any others who develop respect me). Why have friends if they are controlled puppets? It is an empty world to me then. I just want a life. Please SAVE me!

  • I know I wouldn't!

    If such a mind control drug actually existed, I still would not find myself having the desire to exploit it. Simply because it is a dug, which is never a good thing to exploit, and I think having the power of mind control thanks to a drug is very bad for morale.

  • No it is wrong

    If there was a mind control drug available and I had access to it I would not exploit it. I would not want to live my life knowing that I was fooling everyone. It may make me happy for a little bit but over time I would grow very weary of it.

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