Would you get a full sex change for a year for £10 million?

  • Lol my dudes

    Heck yes! So I could burn out all the money on Fortnite and then go suicide for breaking the laws of nature. L o o o o o oo o o o oo o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o L

  • F*ck yeah course

    Life is too short to be one gender, In my opinion we should all do this as a character building exercise, The money is of course a bonus and will help with all the cosmetic accessories that comes with the procedure.

    In the words of our good friends Nike, JUST DO IT!

  • Yes, For an year. . . .

    I too think, Its a once in a lifetime opportunity. . . To experience how it feels on the 'opposite' site.
    Money is a bonus, But if it was possible to change gender for a year, My motivation will not be the money :)! It'd be such a great thing to live through, Especially being able to come back to your given by nature gender and live once more with the knowledge of being on the other side. . . . .

  • No I'm scared

    Of everything, Literally everything. The world is pretty scary as is the need to put in fifty words simply to answer a question. Just think of the money though, But science is pretty restricted so it's a bold move so bold. I'm scared. Time off for it as well, Let's all go to Brazil.

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