Would you give up your first amendment right to be rewarded permanent job security, or better , a promotion?

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  • Would you give up your first amendment rights if you were guaranteed job security or a promotion?

    There is a lot of competition in our modern work force, especially with the modern encroachment of automation. Therefore, i believe that employers will soon request applicants and employees to give the employer certain concessions, instead of the employer enticing its employees with things such as sign-on bonuses . So if an employer requested you (the applicant or employee) to give up your freedom of speech for permanent job security or a promotion, would you do it ?

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  • No. As humans this should not even be a question.

    Humans are free thinking individuals. We are creative, loving and ambitious beings. The first amendment not only protects those basic human elements, it inspires them. Without our right to expression or belief, we are not humans. Sure a cushy job would be nice, but there is no way it outweighs losing a basic human right.

  • Sign off the elimination of ourselves?

    The 1st amendment gives each and every person their own right to act as they are. Freedom to openly converse and convey an opinion, publicly expressing oneself, is a key part of being human, and having it essentially purchased off you, and yes it is a purchase, as it involves one party having an increase in finances, and the other in assets, is simply... Unfathomable. It is a sorrowful mistake that I believe many would mistakenly choose. Without freedom of expresion, we would become emotionless robots, confined to our inwards thoughts, trapped because we sold off our key rights.

  • Such would be a surrender of self.

    To yield one's rights would carry unimaginable consequence. The First Amendment protects our right to be ourself. Freedom of expression is us, without it we are robots living in a sorrowful state. A musician who is forced to work a second job to survive might in the future be required to abandon music due to a company. A company that would force employs into slavery of the mind is an insane evil, however thoroughly possible. To prevent this we much refuse the rewards of surrendering ourself, a united front will prevent such slavery. However, as people crumble we may find ourselves enslaved. I would sooner perish in rebellion against such injustice.

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John_C_1812 says2017-05-07T05:01:37.493
It is trenchancy impossible to give up a first Amendment right as in the combination describe by the basic principle and precedent of the change freedom of speech is inalienable.

The liberty of verbal grievance and request for common defense is a legal binding agreement back by law legislated by governing provided with United States Constitution.

One basic argument made by the First Amendment is words has more than just one meaning, and multiple uses and it is impossible to claim all words only have one meaning. Freedom of Speech is saying words have no self-value.