Would you give up your US nationality for more freedom?

  • Freedom is Everything

    I would give up my US nationality for more freedom without a second thought. The US currently invades privacy and personal choice way too much, both in this country and abroad, and creates many freedom-infringing laws to imprison more people than communist Russia or China for victimless "crimes." I would give up my US nationality for nothing because this country is an embarrassment to me. If I could leave and go back to Europe where my family came from I would.

  • The point of America is freedom

    Maybe not for marginally more freedom. I'm not moving to Amsterdam just to get the freedom to smoke pot (though as its similarly free it's not like I couldn't be persuaded to move there if I visited and found it enchanting enough). But if it was a substantial difference I would leave America.

  • But who would protect my freedom once I got it?

    I would hold onto my nationality, because it means that I
    1. Can legally live, work, study, and own property here
    2. Am protected by police and firefighters
    3. Can vote
    4. Have citizenship here.
    5. Security.
    6. I can run for public office
    That covers pretty much everything apart from civil rights and whatnot.

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