Would you give your life in order to save a best friend?

Asked by: Chargers
  • Undescriptible pure love

    There are 5 people in my life I would take a bullet for without a second of hesitation. One of them saved my life, so I owe him mine. But aside from that, there is not rational thoughts for that, only pure love dor these 5 people. I wouldn’t be ablw to live with myself if they died and I lived.

  • The reason you can say no.

    You guys that say no i wouldn't, then your letting down every one. Its heart breaking Because there are people that are giving there lives for you to say stupid shit like that. If you wont give your life its your opinion, yes but your a disappointment to the men and women who have died saving your sorry ass.I

  • What monster wouldn't?

    What kind of monster would not be willing to sacrifice themselves to save a friend or a loved one? My friends would be willing to sacrifice themselves to save me, and I am willing to do the same. Clearly someone who isn't willing to do this doesn't have any friends.

  • No, I wouldn't.

    I don't really see the benefit in ending my life just to save someone else. What makes their life more valuable than my own? I don't believe in the afterlife, so there would have to be a significant benefit to sacrificing my self other than "he lives". Otherwise, his time is up!

  • God gave us a life to live to its fullest

    It is important to finish all your dreams and desires. If you don't have a life it is useless. If you really want to save someones life, donate at the hospital or the orphanage. If your best friend really means something to you, give them love and affection NOT YOUR LIFE

  • If they were my best friend I assume they would mourn my death

    And assuming they mourned my death wouldn't they blame them self for my death? Assuming they blamed them self wouldn't they fall into depression or anger? I wouldn't want that for my friend and personally as glorified as some people make it I think giving your life in any circumstances is cowardly. Though I do think that people who desire such heroics are honorable I also think they are naive in the way the world will work after they die.

  • Get over yourself.

    Any ordinary, rational person would not give their life to save a best friend. Everyone alive who said they would give their life to save their best friend obviously have not been put in that situation, otherwise they wouldn't be here to formulate that opinion. Of course there are isolated examples, the military comes to mind, but as a whole, it just wouldn't happen.

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